Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Seattle's best

If you know me, you know what I love.
We were in Seattle last weekend visiting family and I was able to go to THE ORIGINAL Starbucks store...the mother ship. It was wonderful, and wonderfully delicious.

We visited the public market, Pike's Place and I fell in love with these brightly colored strings of various peppers and garlic. Such a treat for the eye.

On totally another subject, does anyone have any ideas for turning a living room into a studio? Of course the front door opens right there into the room, but I have been given the go-ahead. Me thinks someone has realized that there is a frustrated artist just about to go postal. It's in both of our best interests!

DD says my blog posting is unreliable. Cross my heart (again) I'll try to do better.


Erika said...

OMG she posted!

a sewing studio? Cool. I think you should make one wall cork board and the other felt (or just one wall split in half) for all your plans) maybe consider making the floor hard, no carpet so you can sweep up easily, keep the couch so you can rest. you will need a radio too. Sirius is good, Martha Stewart even has her OWN channel. hmmm... I guess b/c the front door is there you could put up a wall (but not a full wall do close off the open feel... and it would make u keep it clean of people would see it.) maybe like 2/3 or half a wall.... with under lighting at the top of the wall and then your blue glass on the top of the wall/shelf shining in all its glory. or you know how they have shelves that are practically walls. That might look neat.

hmmmmm. Cool though, your own studio! (That means you have to go into business and sell more quilts!)


Gail said...

The veggie strings are neat, I haven't seen anything like it. Sewing studio? go for it-before he changes his mind!Hard floors would be good, maybe a folding screen to pull out when someone comes to the door while you are in the middle of your artistry, but otherwise push out of the way so you won't feel closed in. The screen could also be used to hang things on- strips, diagrams, blocks.

Bev in SW Ohio said...

What's left to be said - Erika covered it all. She's got the best ideas - maybe she could "help" with putting it into action. Get going girl while the feeling is hot!!!!

Shelina said...

My sewing stuff is in my living room too - although most of the storage is in my bedroom. As in any space, I would recommend lots of horizontal space for cutting and laying things out, a design wall, and lots of closed cabinets to store stuff. Maybe an open shelf to display your finished products. And a bookshelf for all those books and magazines.

debraspincic said...

Build a fake wall with bookshelves that have the back to the door as a wall. You can paint or decorate it with a quilt. Then, the bookshelf side will be on your studio side. Be sure and hang up a design wall--it's the best. Post pictures of the room now and I may be able to help you.