Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank you!

Sonja had a contest just before Christmas and I was the lucky winner. Pop over to see her, she has a sweet blog.


I may be the last to fall off the turnip truck, but I had not ever seen a Kinder Egg up close or personal, lol. These are darling trinkets.

The eggs are hollow and have a smaller plastic egg inside. The trinkets inside are precious and very detailed...not to mention CHOCOLATE. O, yummy.

I saved 2 for dd#2, since she told me about the contest. Had to share. 8^)

Thanks Sonja!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tombstone Caching

Look at this worthy geocacher, ready to walk miles and miles (and miles)...ok, so it's usually not more than ONE mile, lol. But UP hill, of course.

We found El Diablo's Treasure cache today. It's clearly the best staged one we've found so far. It was just outside of Tombstone, AZ, which is where the OK Corral was and where Wyatt Earp and associates had their famous shoot-out. So, you'd expect the unexpected, right? It was published to be a "Halloween" cache and definately was not meant to disturb or make fun of anyone's beliefs, etc.

A plastic skeleton, a HUGE rubber spider, and the area was surrounded with skulls on fence posts. I first thought it was a burial ground, and didn't want to enter!

One happy hubby displaying a necklace of bones!

On to the next cache. It was 8' off of the roadside. It's pretty creepy looking near someone's house, but the GPS is rarely wrong, and what are you gonna do? It was in the removable cap on the top of a fence post. You need to be clever when looking for these silly things. I happened to notice that the cap had a bolt in the end. Hmmm...not normal.

It was suspended on a wire hanging from the bolt in the cap. Ta-dah! We hit paydirt again!

A little bit of Tombstone for you, a hot afternoon in the Sonoran Desert.

Can you imagine walking down these streets with all those petticoats and high-buttoned shoes? Ick.

Wilcox tomorrow!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nanocache ka-ching!

We were 6 for 6 out geocaching today.

Geocache-spoil-alert. Don't read if you intend to geocache Tucson!

You can't beat the weather, it's been around 64 degrees F most of the day. Saturdays are usually chore day, Sundays are getting to be our favorite geocaching day (pronounced geo-cashing, btw).
It was so small, my dh thought it was a magnet and the cache was lost! Inside, (the piece on the left) you can see the tiny scrolled paper where you log your name and date. Screw the sides back together and place it exactly as you found it.

Our new found hobby is cutting into my sewing time, but as the summer in the desert gets closer, we'll stay closer to home and away from the rattlesnakes!

Two daughters have recently ordered their own GPS units, dd#2 is geocaching while she is visiting in Ohio, dd#3 is out geocaching while waiting for #2 who's getting her hair cut & colored. The dd#1 has downloaded the program to her IPhone. I think we started something!

Wanna join us?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

"It's COOL because Holly does it!"

Peer pressure.
I needed to do it to be cool.
Made me feel better to be like everyone else.

It looked sooooo cool, I wanted to do it.
Needed to do it.
Holly first got me interested, but I let the idea stew. Then I bought Dh a GPS *snicker*.

Where are they going?

WHAT are they doing?

ew.EW! What IS she pointing to?

She's lost her marbles? Maybe she's found them?

YES...YES...YES! She found it. 2 other noble pirates looking for the treasure and the MOTHER found it

This egg was a "microcache". It carries only a visitor log. This was my second find. Boooooring, lol.

BUT! Look at the booty this first GEOCACHE yielded. Score! You take one item, and put another in. You make it home, and long onto and record your find, and the items you both took and added. We took the rusty nail, and replaced it with a Brazilian coin. (It's to be of equal value.)

So we are now addicted to Geocaching. What fun. What strenuous exercise! I ache all over! Guess that's good for me. We live in the Sonoran Desert, but there are ALOT of mountains and they are prime location for great hiding places. Mountains, rocks, sandy dry river washes, etc.

What is geocaching? You use your GPS (global positioning system) and enter the longitude and latitude of a prospective hiding place. Getting to it is one thing, FINDING it is another. As you can see above, the parcels can be of different variety, and can be buried, tied to a tree, covered in rocks, magnetized to something...anything the hider can think up.

These two finds were last week, and today we found 2 more. What fun, but boy am I pooped.
Great way to start out our New Year, and a fun family activity for my Dh, dd and me. Dh and daughter and dd have even gone out geocaching WITHOUT ME! Heaven forbid.