Thursday, September 07, 2006

More of Seattle

OK, so I fell in love with Seattle!

These first two pictures are still from Pike Place, the open market area. I have NO idea what kind of funky veggie the strange one on the right is, it felt like a broccoli-type tho. I'd eat it, lol.

Once a seafood importer, always a seafood nut! This cool shop is extraordinary because if you buy fresh fish here, the attendants on the outside literally throw the huge fish to the guys behind the counter to be wrapped or shipped. Of course, I was WAY too amazed to catch a flying fish with my camera. I could have stood there for hours, it was very entertaining!

This is the large boat we took to Tillicum Island. There were probably 200 folks on board, all ages, who travelled at 4:30pm over to the island for the sunset cruise.

We dined on salmon cooked on alderwood racks over an open fire. New potatoes, salad and a nice salmon shaped hunk-o-chocolate for dessert. A drama was performed after dinner about the history of the Indians in the area.

And of course, the sunset.

We had a great time with family, it's wonderful to be a part of it.

Tomorrow a few pictures from Mt. Ranier.


Rian said...

I love Seattle too--can't wait to go back. You captured a lovely still life with those colorful veggies. Isn't Pike Market the BEST! I had such a good time there and the flowers, oh the flowers!

Erika said...

OMg 2 posts in one day. I'm lovin' it! heheh NEAT pics!