Friday, February 23, 2007

Remember Jiffy Pop?

When I was young, I always begged my Mom to buy Jiffy Pop. Remember the predecessor to microwave popcorn? It looked so cool on the commercials, and I was sure all the lucky kids (other than me) got to have this all the time!

It was always "too expensive," or "not needed at this time." I can hear myself whining, "Please Mom?"

Fast forward, all grown-up (and then some) I can now have whatever I want, lol. Great expectations, funny, it wasn't that great. I had dh shaking it while I was busy snapping blog fodder...and we burned it! (We still ate it howsomever..HA!)

My ever-terrific dd#2 prepared this little video with my digital pictures, it's only 9 seconds, enjoy!

If you'd like to see a college kid's perspective on life, and see what other cool things dd#2 comes up with, please take a quick peek at her blog, she'd love it!

What other foods "of your past" have you tried as an adult? Wish I had some "Fizzies!" (They probably would taste terrible now, considering the advancements in technology, but I loved them as a kid!)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

so do YOU snore too?

I have snored for years and years.

Impacted sinus cavities, sleep studies(no sleep apnea), and not one but TWO sinus surgeries later...I still snore like no other....from first eye shut to last Z.

How do I know?
1)First dh used to wake me up and tell me to move to another room.
2)My kids used to wake me up and tell me to leave the living room, they can't hear the television.
3)I HEAR MYSELF SNORING, how bad is that?!

I've tried the throat sprays, jury will be forever "out". New dh says my snoring doesn't bother him, he rarely hears it and if he does he can nudge me and I'll stop. (I of course have NO recollection of the nudge, lol.) Sometimes I think he isn't fully divulging but he has only left the bedroom once in 2.5 years, and he is a VERY light sleeper. *sigh*

So fess bad is it? How horrible is it for you if your dh makes the racket? Do you fuss at each other because of it? Does the 2nd bedroom solve it all? Isn't that akward?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not to get personal...

but how do you get to sleep?

I'm sure there's something deeply pychological but I'll wait to hang my shingle.

My dh and I discovered we get to sleep in totally opposite ways. I have to think about a process, generally quiltmaking, or quilt designing, and I have to go step by step. First you pick your fabrics, then you wash them, don't forget to clip the then I am generally sound asleep. No joke, I'm out in 20 seconds max. On a bad night I might get as far as ironing the fabric or picking out a pattern!

I specifically think about a process to push out what I call emotional thoughts. Thoughts there include mostly personal stuff like is my job going ok, did I remember to do a particular task, a daughter's army status, etc. Those thoughts I worry, worry, worry over.

My dh on the other hand has to "clear out" all his thoughts. Tosses them out one by one. I was thinking that his method was totally different but maybe that's his process instead? Hmmm.....

.......calling Dr. Freud!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

St. Patrick's Day comes early!

OK. it's not my plate. It's not my picture.

It was our dinner tho, and my-o-my it was tasty. I bought a 3lb. bisket with seasonings and tossed it into the crockpot early this morning, and covered it with water. I love it as mid-March approaches and the briskets are abundant!

About 5pm I threw in the cabbage wedges secured with toothpicks, and we ate just a bit later, as soon as the cabbage was cooked.

There's something very sweet about smelling dinner all darn day long, and knowing you have NO preparations left before you eat it! Leftovers tomorrow night with boiled parsleyed potatoes.

Painted and made minor repairs this weekend, still trying to gather my energies after being sick all last week. I can't believe how much my stamina had suffered.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

WIP - Socks that rock!

Thanks for your patience!

I've been down and out, but I'm UP and BACK! Just about over my crud too, YIPEE!

My WIP today (and for the months of January/February) is this very cool pair of socks. They are made on #2 dpns and the brand of sock yarn is Blue Moon. It's a very nice yarn, a little on the the thicker side, great to keep my tootsies warm.

Gosh! I just love the stripped pattern. I wish I knew ahead of time what sock yarn variations did what. You know, like flecks of color rather than stripes? I just am willing to be surprised I guess. I wear them under terribly conservative work pants (Dockers), so anything bright just cheers me up without offending the public, lol.
Does anyone else have time doing the Kitchner toe? I am reduced to tears with each @#$% sock. DH has to read it to me stitch by stitch, and I feel like a total dolt. He gets it, has it memorized even. I "know" in my head what we are sewing a knitting stitch...but man-o-man, I've made 2 pair of socks and cried four times! Blah! I've tried to do it on my own, but that makes it worse and I end up tearing it all out because I can't follow written directions and work the stitches. Craziness I tell ya!

OK, I'm back in the saddle, hoping to keep you slightly entertained. 8^)

Stay tuned...WIP post is coming!!!

So please come back a bit later today!

Thank you Debbi for "still missing me", and my dd has been bugging me like crazy to post..."ANYTHING" she says, lol.

I'm home from work for a second day, still recovering from an upper respiratory infection of the nasty sort. Probably what was coming when I fell off the blogging wagon!

I do have some lucious socks to show, I'll be b-a-a-c-k (I can say that, he's my Gov'nor!).