Friday, November 28, 2008

Finding Lost Loved Ones

Back in the day, you could blame distance for lack of communication. Remember when Grandma would call and you would really hustle to talk “LONG DISTANCE?”

How many of you have lost communication with someone you held dear because of elapsing time? Some one moves away, you loose a phone number, delete a phone message in error. Any number of things can get away, not to mention family crisis, divorce, and the obligatory responses.

If you don’t already fear it, the internet is your friend, your ally.

Fifteen years ago, my Venezuelan son went missing. (Figuratively) I managed 6 counties for Youth For Understanding, and Oscar was my exchange student placement in my home. During the year he was in our home, our whole family fell in love with this boy, etching his place in our heart forever. Returning to Venezuela was our last real contact with him. The phone system was less than idealic, he would call and virtually yell, “MOM??” The line would promptly go dead. It’d ring again, we’d answer, it’d go dead. Ultimately VERY depressing, we wanted and needed to connect, but never did.

We’ve never forgotten this sweet boy.

Thru the years I’ve resorted to reading Venezuelan phonebooks. I don’t speak Spanish, lol, but I would not be deterred. I even looked in their Yellow Pages under both of his parent’s professions. Blah.

I have searched thru AOL’s database, ICQ database, Yahoo’d, Google’d, and come up empty-handed.

Dd#2 encouraged me to sign onto Facebook a few months back. Mmmm…a new database I could utilize. I did search his name, with no success.

A few nights ago I had the brilliant idea to search for Oscar’s younger and older sister’s names. Several entries appeared, but lo and behold, one sister’s “friend” list contained the other sister’s name.

I.was.speechless. I eagerly sent an identical message to both possibilities, and the younger sister wrote back immediately. She gave me Oscar’s email address, and I have no reconnected with our sweet MAN. OMG, he’s married! He’s got 2 little girls! He’s all grown up! (How did that happen?)

I also helped another blogger find some missing friends. The world may be big, but I’ve been shown once again, just how very small it really is.

On another note, look a few posts back, and go to my dd#2’s blog. She has another contest!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


This is WHY I'm thankful:

...and now we're headed to the casino for some fun!

Have a happy safe day wherever you are.


PS..Thank you my creative child, loves you!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog Contest!!

My Best Daughter (who has hacked into my blog and is actually writing this) is running an awesome contest on her blog! It is really easy to enter, I promise! Well, what are you waiting for??