Friday, September 08, 2006

Mt. Ranier

Sunday we spent the day driving to Mt. Ranier. I had no idea what to expect, and was not disappointed. The view was breathtaking, and we stopped many times along the way to enjoy the vista.

The sightseeing opportunities were just wonderful. We had binoculars and we could see teeny-tiny mountain climbers w-a-y up the glacier face climing towards the top of the mountain. I have no desire to join them, but I do love to "watch".

The beautiful Seattle skyline as we returned home from our trek.

Back at home, I've started getting my sewing stuff out. I have SO many things started and incomplete, it's embarassing. My oldest dd's Christmas quilt is first in line. I've only got 2 borders to finish the MQ on. What to do, what to do (next)?


Dorothy said...

What to do? Why, make a list of course! Oh wait, I'm projecting.

I love your pictures! I've never been to the northwest, never had any sort of yearning too. But the snow on those mountains looks SOO inviting!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Funny, I thought I would miss the snow. Now, I am sure I won't ever go back. In the winter we can see snow on the peaks here and that's darn close enough. DH said he'd take me to "visit" snow if I needed to see it bad enough.

Shelina said...

Those are such pretty pictures. A great way to get away and get refreshed to come back to sewing. Now that you are refreshed, you can do just about anything!

Erika said...

Awesome skyline... oh did someone say skyline.... You may not miss the snow, but we have some awesome SKYLINE.

Whats with the posting? haha keep it UP I like it!