Saturday, August 30, 2008

My First Wool Hooked Rug is FINISHED ! !

Presenting my first originally designed and first wool rug ever FINISHED!

I'm VERY good at beginning projects, but really b-a-a-a-d at finishing. It's something like loosing a friend when I finish a project (or even a good book!) and no one likes that!

I can proudly say I'm done. Every bit, bob and tail. It's been freshly steamed and is drying on my Big Board. It measures 19 x 25 and will rest by my (rarely used) front door. Yes, yes, INSIDE the house, lol. The wool is cut into a #8 which is 1/4" wide.

I am completely self-taught, and used Wendy's Site for help with the binding. I purchased my wool from Wendy as well, and I strongly recommend her company. She traded several emails with me to aid in my selections. Funny thing, her shop is about 10 miles from where I lived Ohio. Too bad I didn't rug hook then! Wool seems a little scarce here in the Sonoran Desert, d'oh!

I designed it onto freezer paper and transferred the design by taping it to my large sliding glass door. It was nice not having to reverse the pattern like you would do with applique.

I want to get a second rug designed and started..."Oh Wendy....."


Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Creative Kid, another milestone

I really wasn't going to post that I'm "getting older" today, but how can you resist showing off your kid's work? This is what awaited me this morning, I'm such a happy older person!

Thanks Erika, you're one of the best!
xo, Momma