Monday, September 25, 2006

Bouquets of flowers

Thanks to dd and DebR for the added pieces of information I needed to get my head around getting the photo on the top of my blog. It just took me a few more tries.

This photo (Black-eyed Susans) was taken in August while in Michigan for a Memorial. They sit in my lucky sister-in-law's carefully tended garden by the lake. I've used bits of this photograph for many different things, namely writing paper border and blog mastheads!


Shelina said...

It is a beautiful header for your blog.

Your Darlingest Daughter said...

I love it. And u should specify DD#2 so eve4ryone knows your talking about me, I take this as "bragging" lol.

Deb R said...

It looks great! Yay you!!

I love your quilt below too.

I have to vote Neither in the Skyline vs. Gold Star debate though. I think they're both repulsive. :-P