Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I need a little Pizazz!

I need a little Pizazz for sure. Feeling a little dumpy because I am overwhelmed with my learning curve at my new job. I'd like to rationalize with knowing likely everyone feels this way when in my position but somehow that's just not cutting it today!

Nonetheless, this is a small wallhanging made for my ex-boss' wife. Her specialty gift shop is called Pizazz and this now-finished piece hangs on her wall. The colors are actually purple and kiwi. Altho it doesn't appear so, it turned out a perfect rectangle, no waves to be found, lol.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dryer or Line Dry?

So which do you prefer? Hands down, I LOVE a stiffly line-dried towel. Scratches up the skin, gets rid of the old stuff, ya know?! We're enjoying a lovely 70* day, after a horrible, memorable weekend full of storms. Yes, I'm gloating with this weather. I THOUGHT I would miss the snow, but I'm find it really hard now.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Admission of a Traitor

My Maternal Grandmother was a wool rug hooker. I vaguely remember seeing her sitting in front of her rug frame. More vividly I remember the smell of what I can now identify as burlap. Her frame was often tucked away when the grandchildren were on the loose, I must have spied it's hiding place behind the salmon colored wool sofa.

I've been exploring various wool hooking sites (but can't find many blogs, I must be doing something wrong, lol) of late. This is a pattern of mine, research it to death to be sure I don't make a horrible blunder just as I get started. I have this insatiable drive to learn the craft, and YES, it was the same with quilting.

I would like to pursue this artform using recycled wool exclusively if possible. DH accompanied me to GoodWill yesterday and I made my first wool purchases. I brought it home and washed and dried (fulled) it then deconstructed the garments. The red was a ladies skirt, as was the navy. The gray was a men's suitcoat, reminding myself to not bother with that type of garment again, too little fabric yield. All the clothing was 50% off yesterday so I spent $10 for about a 2.5 yard yield. I'm terribly excited, but terribly afraid to cut it up! I don't have a fabric stripper yet, so I'll rely on my rotary cutter and quilting ruler.

Maybe one day I'll marry quilting and wool hooking using a quilting pattern for my rug? Like with quilting my brain is about to explode with ideas!

Settle ol' girl, SETTLE!