Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday Sundae

When Maj Art LaFlamme orders, we listen!

Art, also known as IBOL Guy, says he'd be pleased if those of us "with" could help the "without". We came thru in spades. As close as I can calculate with good numbers, he has received 367 bundles + 150 bundles sold from Sew Mama Sew + 5 from my friends the Serial Quilters + 1 from my Canadian bestie + 1 additional bundle from me. Well over 500 bundles to be distributed to the Iraqi. I'm suitably impressed.

One per CAN make a change.

Then, the man in charge, aka IBOL guy says we need to celebrate with ice cream sundaes. Oh boy! Yeah, I can do that. Dh, dd#2 and I all had a sundae this afternoon. Yum-o.

My dd#1, also in Iraq followed orders from her superiors.
Her battle buddy followed orders too.

Great way to celebrate a fantastic humatarian effort, wouldn't you say?

Lovely photo courtesy of ErikaJean, IBOL supporter extraordinaire!