Saturday, April 28, 2007

World Placemats

I'm sure my kids will chime in here, lol. 2 of them belong to my "Frequent Reader Club". (Hint...if you come out of lurkerdom(even just to say "Hi!", you too can be a member! *snerk*)

About 20 years ago (can it possibly be THAT long ago?) I purchased a set of plastic world placemats.

Our family resembled Roseanne Barr's family on her sitcom...very noisy, active, and going every which way ALL the time. Three kids in sports and one or two exchange students living with us each year made it quite lively. Even tho we were running at break-neck speed, we managed to sit together for dinner most nights. OK, dinnertime was 9pm sometimes, after a game or two or three, but we sat together nonetheless.

We used to play a game before, during and after dinner to challenge each other on the hidden places of the world. "Can you find __________ ?" Yes, you likely needed a magnifying glass to find this obscure location, but that was part of the fun.

I guess we have more family traditions than I realize, what do you remember of your childhood traditions?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Do-Do-Do, lookin' out my back door!

Hope that doesn't get stuck in your head the way it has in mine, lol.

Eventually, my blog will have some quilty content, I promise. I have one commission to fill and haven't even started it yet. THEN, I need to do something for our new bedroom...right? It seems only fitting.

Meanwhile I've been knitting when my hands are empty. That is, when they're not unpacking boxes. I finished a pair of socks on Sunday, and promptly began the next pair, pictures tomorrow maybe. I'm still sock crazy, I don't know what it is about them! The needles are incredibly small, the yarn expensive and I can't wait to get to the next project. I seriously think I'm going to attempt a sweater next, I must be insane.

The solar cover is on the pool, we've gotten it up to 76*-woo-hoo...maybe this weekend???

OH! And thanks for listening btw, it's my 100th post.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I got to see the Gees Bend Quilts!

When I was in Florida between selling and buying houses my daughter told me she was "taking me to some museum or something." Later it was, "they have a bunch of quilts or something."

Graduation was Friday, so that left Saturday for a 25yo to entertain her mother. Off to the museum we tromped.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It wasn't just any museum, it was the Orlando Art Museum. I saw the vinyl banner flapping in the breeze yakking about the Gees Bend Quilts...oh, yeah, was going to miss that.

I'M HERE...IT'S T-I-M-E! I'm seriously going to see them, up close and FOR REAL!

It was awesome. It was humbling. I enjoyed seeing the quilts thru my daughter's eyes and opinions, and those of her gf. They crack me up. They went for the strong bold quilts, I went for the patterns and subtle styles. I had a blast, hope they weren't bored to tears! They certainly were good sports about it anyway. No "can we go now" requests.

Have to admit tho, the most fun was making our own little quilts with colored tape and construction paper. Thankfully, we were the only ones in the craft area.

Thanks Swany & Brandy, it was FUN! What a great surprise!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit...OH MY!

My kids say I repeat my stories. Could this be true? Surely not ME?!

OK, let's just say if I thought it was important enough to say once, it's worth repeating. That's my story anywho.

Our new house is very exciting. New climate, new flora & fauna, etc. Things I've NEVER seen easily impress me. I've never seen grapefruit growing, I'm a midwestern gal by birth. So I consider this something VERY cool.

From the tree to my breakfast table. OH! So delicious.

I'll be on this "new thing" kick for awhile, please bear with me!

This is (I think) a prickly pear that is blooming in my yard. I love the delicate flower in amongst the spines. (And if it ISN'T, please correct me!)

I still have an endless amount of boxes to unpack, we're taking it slow since there is no rush.

Have a great day today!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Maple Oat Nut Scones

I am one of Dorothy's biggest fans. Literally and figuratively-HA! When Dorothy bakes bread(sometime last year she posted her recipe), my husband took great interest.

When Dorothy bakes scones, I get totally motivated to try my luck at it. This is what came from our kitchen this morning, no wonder we are both overweight!

DH moved his sourdough starter all the way from CA in a plug-in cooler, lol...and made this wonderful bread this morning. He made 2 small loaves instead of one gargantuan one.

See the odd little garlic salt and onion salt containers? They belonged to my mother. There was a third celery salt one but it fell from it's perch and broke several years ago. Would love to get my hands on a replacement. Has anyone ever seen these before? Likely circa 50's.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My first (and last) television commercial

Wanna see something silly?

Prior to my move, I worked for a small television station in the Silicon Valley.

I am a girl who doesn't get into pictures, I've never enjoyed seeing myself after the fact. Not photographs or videos..nothing. It makes me VERY uncomfortable.

Working where I did only made my anxiety worse. We always needed publicity type shots for advertising, escaping the eye was getting harder and harder.

Our Production department had made a commercial for a fitness place and the client didn't like the "Mom" image that they had filmed. The executive director approached me and asked if I'd like to do the part. I knew I was leaving, oh heck, why NOT. I have no idea where that bravery came from.

So here's the link, it won't be hard to spot, albeit brief (thanking my lucky stars!). You'll need to download Flash if you don't have it and come back and push the play button. You'll need a little sound too...and remember this was made to get the teenagers attention, lol.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello Arizona!

Um...don't try that while driving! DH would have fussed at me if he knew I did it, lol! (He was in the car ahead of me!) It's not the clearest picture, but hey, it was at 70mph.

We stopped in San Bernardino on our driving cruise, my sister put us up for the night, thanks Sis!

Next on to Phoenix where we first stayed the evening and then I caught a plane out of there just in time to get to Orlando to see my oldest get her second degree from Full Sail University!

Race b-a-a-a-c-k to Phoenix, hop in the car and on to our new home for the closing on the purchase(the next day) Tuesday.

The furniture was delivered at 8am on the day promised,Wednesday. I love North American Van Lines, have used them a couple of times now! They were done by 4pm, and I was left with OMG, TONS of boxes.

I've finished the kitchen, and have started on my sewing room. I DO have my priorities, you know.