Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Flashback - 1975 My First Car

In 1975 I received my first car, a 1968 VW Beetle. She began her life with me as a white car with black interior. Yes, yes, of course there's a story!

My parents divorced in the Spring of 1972. My mother and younger sister went to live with her my mother's elderly parents, my mother was helping with her mother who was becoming increasingly ill with emphysema. My sister was about 4. My older sister (by 10 years) offered to let me come to live with her and her family (dh + 2 children), so I did. A terribly generous gesture of my sister and her family, I need to tell her "Thank You" again.

I lived in Detroit 1972-1975, attending public high school. I graduated in 1975 and my sister and her family presented me with my first car, an adorable Bug! WOW! Can you say over-and-above?

Met my first dh in Sept of '75 (married 09/76) and he had a hobby of car restoration. He took my semi-rusty white bug(what doesn't get rusty in Michigan?) and made it all brand new and shiney candy apple red. It was a mighty fine looking vehicle and I loved that thing to death. (Googled the picture, can't believe I couldn't come up with ONE picture of my first car!!) He restored several other cars we had over the years...candy apple red. It was an "easy color to paint", he said.

My bug died a polite death(while on my watch), I locked bumpers with a brand new car on a busy road in rush hour. The bug had nothing in the front trunk, and it caved mercilessly. I stole her pride. I traded that car to my then BIL where it lived out the rest of her days, I never really wanted to hear the "rest of her story."

What was your first car?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Maybe? Probably? Hopefully?

My interviews yesterday were just plain fun. Now how weird is that! I guess when you are seasoned enough in job hunting, you can start to play your skills you've learned along the way.

I'm talking body language, etc. "Sit with head slightly tilted," "Look interested," "Let your hands rest easily in your lap instead crossed in front of you." I was amazingly calm, maybe because I am only looking for a job where and with whom I want to work?

The first interview went very well, I've heard from my last boss and one of my personal references, that they've been called and grilled. This particular position is a newly created position so I'll really be free to make it what I can. I like that! This department has also just moved into a brand-spanking new building; I like that too!

The second interview went well too. It's more of an accounting admin. job, and what I'm trained to do. I'll have to see what they offer, if they are only allowed to take vacations in April and October/November because of work load. That sounds a little scarey.

I have an upcoming interview with the Bar Association next week, hopefully I'll have something in the works already and won't need to go there, we'll see, it's always an adventure.

Thanks for all your crosses and thinkings! 8^) I just knew you'd all help me come thru with flying colors. You're the best.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Make that TWO interviews Wednesday

OK, so now you have to get the neighbor, or the closest child or spouse to cross fingers and toes (with you) for me!

I have not one...but TWO interviews tomorrow at University of Arizona, one at 10am, one at 2:15pm PST.

These interviews are really important for me to nail. My dh is the most fantastic husband, and this is his chance for semi-retirement. He is anxiously awaiting to be the house husband, and he ROCKS at that job!!! Anyway, what I'm telling you is that he is thrilled to take care of us and our home.

Probably won't know anymore tomorrow night than I do right now...but I'll know I've done my best.

Thanks for supporting me in the wings.

And thanks Erika for the picture change. Pretty much what it looks like around here! You'll love it.

Job Interview & strip request

I am SO excited! Got a call back requesting an interview Wednesday, the 23rd.

Please send all your positive vibes, and cross those fingers and's a place where I REALLY would enjoy working. (Hopefully my grammer will improve before tomorrow!)

I had an interview appointment set for today with a cloth manufacturer. DH and I took a drive by the place last evening. Oh, I think not; in a very iffy part of town. Now, THAT would have been very cool. Looked tho like they contract it all out, as the fabric is all hand stamped. Not exactly the type of work force (nor conditions) I'm supportive of, but I was willing to learn more about the company before making a decision.

Sprouts are doing their thang in spite of my less-than-perfect method, and I've managed to make another neutral log block.

Would anyone be interested in swapping 2"x10" of WOW and beiges? Name what type you'd like back. I just really can't justify going out and purchasing little bits when we can shop at each other's house, lol.

Things are going my way - woo-hoo!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wild Hairs

Talk about lack of FOCUS!

Now that we're getting settled a bit I'm getting more comfortable in my surroundings. I still have TONS of boxes to empty, but I'll get to it sooner or later. All that's left could probably stay packed, if you know what I mean. It's moved from house to house to house. Some objects like the ironing board have 3 or 4 moving stickers, lol.

So being more comfortable means, yup, you guessed it... I SEWED! I immediately fell in love with this neutral log cabin quilt made by Pam in CA . Yes, I've ordered the book. I just so happened to have some pre-printed logcabin blocks left over from my Christmas wallhanging so I thought I might see what I could find amongst my scraps. Hmmm...not bad! I think I'll try it in a smaller size tho. AND...who was I foolin? I haven't sewed in months, I made SO many mistakes, it took the "third try's a charm" before I could get going on the block, get the fabrics all right-side up and in the right position. Sheesh. (You should see the mess I left behind!)

Being more comfortable obviously means "more time to play", I tried yet another science experience. DH and I love sprouts, all kinds. Of course, I don't have the proper equipment, and don't have one iota of knowledge about the sport of sprout I was into improv. These are mung beans and alfalfa sprouts, doing their initial soak. Nope, don't have a clue what to do next, well I do, I just don't know how! Any input??

Lastly, I was the recipient of a lovely gifty from Nancy as a poster child to her 250th blog entry. How cool is that. These are the lovely fabrics she has chosen for me, and I love them!!! She didn't know I was used to be a musician, lol. Thanks darlin'.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Flashback - My first 2 homes

First, you have to go check this blog, it's my dd#2. She posted THE FUNNIEST photo of my 3 girls you have ever seen. Her Friday Flashbacks just crack me up. Note the clevage and the location of the training bra.

Secondly, you may not think "My first 2 homes" is terribly significant.'s 2 of 24 (I think, I haven't counted again recently). I'm the product of an "entrepreneur" sales type father, we moved wherever the job was/would be/might be. I attribute my easy-to-make-friends-with attitude to my father. It was a blessing in disguise.

I'm noting these photos mainly because if I don't...these images will be gone, I don't have one single decent picture, so this will do. That stuff happens when you've moved as much as I have. Things once were "packed up" and never retrieved.

I've gotten the hang of Microsoft Virtual Earth. Wowie! You do not have to download anything, answer "no" if it prompts you to download 3D, it just isn't necessary. What I did is capture the screen and clip the picture, and made sure it's a jpg. If you want to know how, just drop me an email. Goodness, if I can do it...anyone can!

This is my first house, guess I would have lived there 1957-1962 +/- , it's in Pleasant Lake, MI. It was a lovely shade of Williamsburg blue, had a HUGE red barn (where that side bldg. is), but hey, I still see the chicken coop on the left! Must have been rebuilt, it just couldn't be a safe structure after so many years, lol. Outhouse is gone tho. It had a cinder drive, still can feel how it felt when I fell down, ouch. We rode to school in the school bus, I attended kindergarten there. Once the bus had to come all the way back to my house after delivering all the children, I had fallen asleep, missed my stop and they didn't know I was still on the bus! (My zzzZZZ's have gotten me in trouble more than once!)

From there, my father went on to be a cabinet salesman at a lumber company. That took us to the first house in Flint, MI. Now there's a charming, not.

My house was the white one to the left of the red trimmed building. Our basement and the gray concrete building on the lower level housed a plumbing company that accessed from the front portion of the building. Our house was a duplex, we occupied the 2 story section, a nice young couple had the smaller single floor side. The red building was then the laundrymat, it's a bar now I believe. We used to be able to schedule events by the sounds of the distant automobile factory horns. If you heard it when leaving the house, you'd be on time for school, we walked the one block to our elementary. Flint is now just a shell, most of the factories are since closed and the economy is very depressed. The downtown structures are still nice and you can still get a Halo Burger with green olives, all isn't lost.

Thanks for bearing with me down Memory Lane.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

For Sunday - To My Children on Mother's Day

To my children on Mother's Day:

I could not have nearly "as cool" without awesome kids like YOU! Thank you for remembering me on this day. I love you more than any words that could be written.

BUT... since I've never gotten the last word ... (and THIS is the way I tell you I love you!)

"What time is the game?"
"Do you have your uniform ready?"
"Where's your water jug?"
"Don't pick on your sister"
"Go brush your teeth"
"and have a good day today"

Love you, love your show!
XO, Momma

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Flashback - 1965

First walk in Space, Ed White 1965

My daughter Erika (my resident html expert) does a Friday Flashback. Thought I might join the fun.

My historical family was Mormon and settled in Toole, UT. I went to a family reunion in 1990 and met many terrific relatives I had corresponded with throughout my teenage years. We shared a family letter writing practice whereas each person would write a paged journal entry and add it to the stack of letters. They would take their old letter off the bottom of the stack, and send it to the next person. Probably the only legal chain letter in existance. Mind you, this was before the internet and having extended family across the nation made updating difficult at best. Now of course, we have blogs, but don't you still LOVE a handwritten note that the mailman brings?

OK, still with me?

Over the last few years I've tried to encourage my sisters to begin this practice of letter writing again, but I've had no takers. They are not computer crazy like me and are not interested in blogging. I would love, love, love to have their memories on paper as our parents are gone and memories are easily forgotten.

So here is my Friday Flashback, I'll take care of remembering my own!!

Port Huron is on the south eastern side of the "mitten shape" thumb of the state of Michigan. Lake Huron is the warmest of the Great Lakes, and by far my favorite.

The beaches are beautiful and summer weather is very moderate. Swimming is wonderful and in many places you can just pull off the road and get in.

During the summer of 1965 my parents, my younger sister and I went with my older sister and family (dh and baby son) to such a drive-in park to have an all day picnic. My father would barbeque, my mother would watch the babies (she preferred the shade), and the younger ones could pretty much have the day. We have pictures of my baby sister and my nephew (born with 2 months of each other) "swimming" in their baby pool (pink plastic baby tub) at the beach. "Baby sister" and nephew now 42.

My favorite memory tho, is my older sister and I sitting on opposite ends of a inflatable float, way out in the water...singing Girl Scout songs and such, at the top of our lungs. "Sippin' ci-der through a straw."

Very innocent fun, very important memory.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Under Construction

Please excuse the constant changes while I put a new template into place.
-Fitzy's Daughter, Erika


Friday, May 04, 2007

Because they need us...

A cyber friend of mine has issued a special request. Please hold Mom Melanie and Baby Mei-Ling in your thoughts for the next couple of days as a favor.

Thank you very kindly.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

What your drawing says about you

drawing personality

What does your drawing say about YOU?

Well, I can't follow directions and missed copying the results!

Said something about a sunny disposition. check.
Said something about if things don't go my way I don't get to upset and am able to continue on my merry way. check.

Then I had a senior moment and goofed the whole thing up, lol...par for the course.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First Swim of the year

Summer is coming, I promise!!

We got to enjoy our "first swim" night before last, and again last night. By using the solar cover (a big piece of heavy blue bubblewrap kind of stuff!) during the 90+ days we've gotten the water temperature up to 83. I'll be glad when we don't have to keep hauling the cover on and off tho! The pool is a trapezoid, so when we're pulling the cover back on, one of us takes a huge risk of going back in the dunk! Someone gets the short end, lol. And altho this vantage point is cool, the pool isn't that big, it's only something like 30-35' x 10-12'. Fine for the two of us and some meager laps.

I've been working gradually on getting my sewing room into shape. It's hard work! We bought 2 of the wire shelf units, and I've completely filled those. DH will re-visit Lowe's to see if they've gotten in more, I cleaned them out. I think just one will do the trick. I wanted glass-fronted cabinets, but these shelves are more practical, I have ALOT of stash!

I'm back on the diet, and feeling better already. You'd think I would be able to remember how GREAT it felt to weigh 40lbs. less, but it must be like the pain of having a baby...I've forgotten...well sorta, lol. I've got a long way to go, maybe the pool will help with added exercise. Some amount is better than none, right?

So, that's all from my corner of the desert.

Have a great day!!!