Saturday, March 24, 2007

Martha's my neighbor meme

So Dorothy has started a Meme. This is the "thanks" I get for being a consistant cyber-buddy, lol...

List 5 facts of life
If Martha Lived Next Door...

1. All my moving boxes would be packed in an organized fashion. I JUST found my favorite wool sweater that I packed during my last move across the country, will I find it next time? NOTE TO SELF: It's packed with the blue ceramic lamp shade; logical, no?

2. My new house color (where Martha will be my neighbor also!) scheme will be pre-picked out and my stained concrete floor would be done! Martha understands that only she can make the best impression on our impending friendship.

3. Martha has likely "seen it all" she shouldn't mind the "condition" we swim in, right? Oh, get over it Martha.

4. We all know Martha is a "rule follower" so she will make sure I understand all my new HOA covenants and make sure I follow them to the letter.

5. Martha will bring a plate of something freshly baked over to introduce herself, she knows what it's like to be the new gal in town.

So who shall I tag? Leah, Darlene & Erika!

Have fun!

Friday, March 16, 2007


OK, so my blog has been quiet.

Your's would be too if you'd had the same last three months I've had. Yes, I know you're busy and mine couldn't be worse. Nope, it's not's very, very good. (I swear I just heard Martha, lol.)

Wednesday evening we found out our contract was accepted for the house we wanted in Arizona. We were lucky enough to have re-offered the house that was taken off the market when we made our offer during the holidays. Yipee skippee. Want to know what quirky thing I love the best about the new place? lol...I have a grapefruit tree, an orange tree and a lemon tree. I'm in heaven, no?

Thursday we found out all the contingencies were dropped on the sale of our home here in Northern California. We sold in 8 days. Put it for sale on a Wednesday, had 60 people thru before the weekend. Had an Open House over the first weekend, 100 more came thru and a contract was written. In fact, 6 were written! We don't live in a palace, we live in a small tract home built in the 60's. It's a "California" thing, there is no flat market here.

Thursday afternoon dh put in his resignation of 22 years. I'm putting mine in today I think....we're off to semi-retirement. I don't want to stew over the weekend about giving my notice during my status meeting on Monday.

It's been alot of changes, but all for the good. We've managed to completely re-do and sell my condo 2 years ago and completely re-do and sell this house.

It's time for some US time...woo-hoo!!! Definately doing the happy dance on this one. Now back to QUILTING!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

An early summer day in the sand.

Watching the children play and hearing their happy screams and shouts.

Surfers doning their second skin and stretching before entering the freezing water.

Committing all of this to my memory, thank goodness for blogs and archives.

Oh, just have to click and look at the bigger picture!

Waves, breezes, Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Taking a nap in the lazy sun.

Unfurling our ever present car-sheet just anywhere on the beach.

Our favorite beach at Gazos Creek in Northern California.

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse in the distance.

Remembering California

How do you fit all in?

Can I remember the sights and smells?

Will I know how the cold wet sand feels between my toes?

Does the wind swish my hair the same way?