Friday, June 23, 2006

Performance Review

I've completed almost six months of employment at my new place. Gosh, the time has flown. OK, so that's not news I guess.

It was probably the least stressful, least anticipated, MOST refreshing Performance Review I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED.

I am an all or nothing type person. If I don't feel I'm doing my best, I bow out. I was scared to death when I started this job and was FULL of doubt and questioned my self-worth. I almost ran away scared from this position as Administrative Assistant to a Community Television Station.

OMG, I just love it! Six months in, and I'm totally captivated. It's not a hard job, but it sure has it's peaks and valleys of stress. Huge deadlines and the show goes ON. My title is more like Chief, Cook, & Bottle Washer, but that's ok. Figure I have had 24 years of motherhood training to prepare.

My job involves keeping track of everyone and "all" the money, lol. I put "all" in quotes because we are non-profit...there is no "all" if you know the business. I thankfully don't have to make many business decisions...just keep track of it all.

So back to the Performace Review, sorry I strayed. If typical corporate style, the Executive Director (my only boss) had emailed me a template to complete...What have I accomplished, What did I think my biggest accomplishment was, blah, blah. OK, so I filled that paper and added MANY more lines! He was totally complementary of my accomplishments, work-ethic and maturity, yeah, yeah...but I guess what impressed me the most was that he said I possessed the ultimate cheer factor. Always can deal with stress, don't let the little things bother me, and get to a successful and positive outcome. Ya know what? I think THAT'S what I'm most proud of. Not to mention that I've taken an office that was in moral shambles and am half-way to revamping just about everything. The Board of Directors had just about elimated the entire Staff last summer. New ED and all, it was an emotional year to have to follow in it's footsteps.

It made for a wonderful close to the week. Not to mention, we have also finished our first complete session of Summer Camp, new session and new kids next week. Oh, that and I'm looking foward to my Sisters Family Reunion!



just me sue said...

I definitely would have rated you an "A+". But then, I probably know you better than your boss does! Congrats! Hope a bit of a raise will follow the good review!


You get your awesomeness from me, Haha jk. It's SO the Other way around. I LOVE YOU!!! and YOUR ONLY EXCITED ABOUT SISTERS SO YOU CAN SEE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! haha I know it. LOVE YOU! SEE YOU ON FFFFRRRRIIIIDDDDAYY.

Rian said...

Congratulations. Having a job you love is just about better than anyting.

Shelina said...

I have performance reviews with a passion, especially when I have to write most of it myself by writing my accomplishments. But then I'd rather than do that, than have the boss forget what I've done.
It's great that your boss can recognize the contributions you are adding.