Friday, July 28, 2006

What NOT to try!

Each year our family has a gathering of the "Sisters". We bring gifts, we eat, we catch-up on the past year, we eat, we giggle and laugh....oh, and we eat.

This year was a family reunion type of gathering, sometimes it's just "the girls". I decided to make towels with the logo we've been kind of using. I had to stylize the logo a bit to make it work on the towels...and then it didn't even do that well!

First I fused the black hearts onto the dolls then went on and fused web onto the cotton doll shape then tried to fuse it onto the towel. The towel had high nap so it just wouldn't stick well. Ended up doing a buttonhole stitch around the shapes. It looks only OK, but I sure wasn't going to choose another gift!


Nancy said...

I just came from my sisters blog where you left a comment that your sister lives in Boling and you thought I might live near her. I actually live further north, Bryan/College Station area, but my company has an office near Bay City so I go every couple months to do training sessions and other stuff. My counter-part there in that office also lives in Boling. Small world, huh?

BTW, I like your towels but wouldn't want to attempt button hole applique on terry. My fingers say "ouch" in sympathy with yours!

QuiltingFitzy said...

(I did the button-hole by machine this time, sorry I forgot to mention!)

OH! And I forgot to mention I had to make SEVEN of them!

Erika said...

Well I was lucky enough to get one and I LOVE it!!

It looks REALY nice.

Rian said...

My two sisters and I all have very different personalities and it's a real scene when we get together! Lots of eye rolling, LOL! But I love it.

Sisters are a special gift.