Thursday, June 01, 2006

I know now, "I have arrived!"

I come, most recently, from a very small town, 20,000 people. A place where everyone knows everyone else. A place where you can't get into trouble without everyone reading about you in the local police report. A place where the worst crime is mailbox smashing. A place I consider just short of heaven to have raised my three daughters. People recognize your voice in the next aisle of the grocery, your kids get tattled on if they've been up to no good, and you know every Coach, Teacher and Administrative Board Member by their first names.

Exactly one year ago I went westward, WAY west. 8^)

I have spent the first year kind of out-of-sync. I went from knowing everyone to being a total stranger. I met a few of hubby's co-workers, but commuter traffic is hell and people come from a really vast area to work in Silicon Valley. Haven't hardly sewn, read a little, but just couldn't sink my teeth into much.

OK, ok, WAKE UP! Sorry, got lost in thought.

Tuesday, hubby and I were in the grocery after work. A voice came from behind me, scaring the bejabbers out of me. SOMEONE KNEW ME, they said, "Hi, what are YOU doing here?" I HAVE ARRIVED. May sound trivial to you, but I just haven't realized until now what was missing! This little thing was HUGE to me, and made me very happy.

I'm carving out my new slice. I have a great job that I really, REALLY enjoy. I'm learning how to be a "commuter". I've finally started to sew again. (I still really don't know where the best quilting stores are.) Hubby has been my best friend, my rock. Good thing we kinda like hanging around together!

NOT TO MENTION...2 people, yes 2...actually told me to update my blog! You missed ME? ME? Amazing.

All is good, I have arrived. (And having the same cell phone provider as my kids really keeps the costs down, lol.)


Rian said...

I know whatcha mean, Fitzy. I moved from the LA/Orange County area where I was anonymous to a small town (16,000) people and now I can't just trot off to the market in my slippers. I am sure to run into someone I know, and I've only been here three years.

I know all my neighbors here, we party together and go places together and help each other out. I lived in the same house for 17 years in The OC and didn't know any of my neighbors' names.

So it was very strange indeed when I first started running into people who knew my name.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Now that I've grown-up and moved away from the kids(lol) I dress-up to go out of the house. Funny how it all comes around full circle.

Thanks for the comment!