Saturday, June 03, 2006

Airing of the Quilts 2006

I joined with many quilters across the world in Airing of the Quilts today. Check out "2006" on that link. I neglected to put up the one I'm working on...*sigh*, maybe I'll cut and paste that "on the fence" for next year, lol.

The one on the left was made as a going away present by my bestest friends The Serial Quilters. It's on our bed in the summertime (we're blanket heapers in the winter!) The rail fence on the left was a gift given to my dh as a Christmas gift. It was from a swap on



Rian said...

Oooooh, very nice, what a great idea, quilters all over the world putting their quilts on display.

To answer your questions you asked at my blog (email bounced), the new house is in Atascadero, 45 minutes north of here. Inland from Morro Bay. I don't know where Ventana is, but I have a map! It would be fun to meet you!

Bev in SW Ohio said...

Can't believe I saw your quilts in the "Airing" and knew that it was you!!!! Mostly I can't believe how sad it makes me to think that you've been gone for a year!!! We still miss you heaps and glad that you love all that you've gotten "into". I love reading your blog to catch up a little. Will call soon and chat!

Shelina said...

I was bloghopping and came across your blog. I try to leave a comment to let people know I dropped by. I hope you don't feel stalked if I post more than one comment, but I really like that red and white one. Its simple and very striking.