Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Never enough time!

Will this be done Thursday by 4pm? Considering I have a Chamber Mixer to decorate for, and OH! I work, remember? Sheesh!

Laz, our Sports Director, is leaving after 17 years of service. He told us that in no uncertain terms were we to give him a big send-off. They did do a big shabang for his "Sweet 16" years of service anniversary, so we surrendered to his wishes this time.

We decided to give him a special gift instead! Can I ever just SAY NO? Um...NO. See? I can say it, just don't like the sound of it I guess, lol. Hopefully it will generate some leads tho, I'd really like to get this business back up and running.

Off to decorate some signs for the Mixer, woo-hoo...(OK, so I love it, lol).


Bev in SW Ohio said...

Way to go girl - another winner here. Love the weight loss too. I'm very proud of you. I'm still battling the "plateau"!!! talk soon - hugs, Bev

Shelina said...

I really like this. Making a photo quilt has been on my to-do list. I'm making a Once Upon a Time quilt, and I was thinking that if I run out of novelty fabrics, I might piece a few blocks, and add some photos too. Did you use the paper or the liquid for your photo transfers? Do you have a preference?

QuiltingFitzy said...

I have only used Bubble Jet Set, and have used it for years. It is VERY economical and there is no waste, you catch all the drips and reuse them! I order mine from Dharma Trading in San Rafael. Even tho it would make a nice trip I figure I break about even in gas $.