Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Best of Both Worlds

Never in my wildest dream did I ever think I could enjoy two of the things I hold so dear...spending time on the patio in the fresh air and sewing on quilts!

Last Sunday I had the banquet table put up on the patio so I could get my daughter's quilt basted. After finishing the layering and basting I realized the afternoon was still young and wondered if I could actually start on the quilting? No, I didn't want to go inside...could I? Out comes the sewing machine and all the supplies I needed and off I went. I completed 3 of 16 blocks, but am well on my way. I was/am so excited to get it this far (it's late, what a suprise!).

I love the varigated thread I chose, it's quite thick but thankfully it plays well with my bobbin thread. I'm stitching in the ditch around each wild block, then will do cross hatch from the first border out thru the second border.


Suzabella said...

Glad to see you are quilting again! Been way too long since you used that sewing machine! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Anonymous said...

I have tried sewing outside but any wind or light breeze just destroys any pleasure I might have anticipated, Your deck/porch seems to have 'wind protection' on 2 sides, while mine is wide open on all sides....lol.... I sit in the yard...lol.

Would love to see your finished quilt too.

Dorothy said...

So... you've been furiously sewing? Frantically dehydrating? I miss you, Fitz!