Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving "our way"

As Thanksgiving 2006 draws near, it's a time that enables one to have a few focused memories.

Our tradition in the 60's was to go to the Parade in downtown Detroit sponsored by J.L. Hudson. I guess it was my maternal mother's idea of how to get the men and kids out of the house so Grandma and mother could cook our Thanksgiving dinner. My father and brother would pack Grandpa's stepladder and we would go to the steps of the same church each year, on the side of Woodward Avenue. That way my younger sister would sit on the platform of the ladder's flippy-part and I would stand behind her on the rungs. We'd be heads above the rest of the crowd and Santa (who would of course be at the very end) was in plain site. I clearly remember seeing floats of the Green Hornet, I was totally impressed being the tomboy I was. I remember being totally frozen, Detroit has a way of being perfectly miserable on Thanksgiving Day!

Little did I know I would be one of the marching band members marching in that same parade a few years later. It was warmer marching rather than waiting for Santa in those younger years!!

I also remember marching in the Lions football game during half-time during a blizzard. Our game-time seats were right behind the team's bench...couldn't see a thing, lol.

I remember having dinner in my Grandmother's small dining room with the table leaves all spread. When I would finish before the rest of the family I was permitted to crawl under the table thru the sea of legs to free myself from table bondage.

My own children are all grown and miles away. They are having/creating memories of their own. My soldier is happy to have a day off of duty and training but is warned of a 12 mile "hike" on Saturday. Dd#2 will travel to her grandparent's home, and dd#1 will enjoy a few days off from college with her girlfriend.

I am very happy to have a 2:45pm reservation at a local restaurant on Thursday. No cooking, no clean-up, no leftovers to find places for in the tiny 'frig. I am absolutely thrilled. We will buy a turkey while still at a good price and tuck it in the freezer. We'll spend the rest of the weekend catching up with laundry and each other, I hope to get a bunch of sewing in, Dh may have time to finish his book, and maybe we can squeeze in a hike in the mountains.

...just have to get thru Wednesday...*sigh*

What memories does this holiday stir for you?


Anonymous said...

Olives on my fingers! yey! the best holiday dinner tradition... that iw ill do all alone this year :-(

Susan said...

Oh, what a great post! I love these memory posts. I can't imagine freezing outside to watch a parade. My memories include sitting in front of the TV in my nice warm desert home to watch the Macy's parade in NYC. Years and years and years of watching that parade!

Anonymous said...

Before I read your post, I posted a 'memory' too. Love your memory. We moved too much as a military family to create traditions like that.