Saturday, November 11, 2006

Maui Socks

THIS is what I did on my vacation. I am TOTALLY head-over-heels IN LOVE with Emily's "Sophie's ToeSocks" lighweight yarn and her awesome colorations. This color is Iris Garden. (That was a link to her blog, her Etsy site can be accessed from there, it was down as I posted this!) I took this yarn with me to Maui because it reminds me of all the colors of the island. The ever-changing ocean colors, the lush vegitation, the blue sky, oh yum.

As I've expressed before, I'd been experiencing mucho angst because as a new knitter I couldn't get the yarn weight vs. needle size vs. project requirement all to work in my favor. Well NO more. This stuff rocks socks. Size 2 dpn. Knitted from the cuff down...and the reason the cuff is short is because I have "thunder calves", lol.

OK, so I chose something that would match my new favorite "Bean Crocs" (from LL Bean and are Croc knock-offs...AND WERE ONLY $20!).

Am I in "hog heaven" if my piggies are now finally comfy. I think so!

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