Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beta Blahs & my soldier's birthday

So we..ok, #2dd tried to switch my blog to Beta. I was SNUBBED. It said all blogs are not able to switch at this time as the program is being rolled out s-l-o-w-l-y. Whatever. I'm trying to do my best by you know I'm trying!! #2dd, I couldn't (make that wouldn't) attempt this without you, thank ya, thank ya, thank ya!

Today my #3dd who is in the Army Reserves is celebrating her 20th Birthday. Please think of her today, and what it means to be a soldier in today's military forces. She's in her AIT training down at Ft. Bragg until mid-December. She will be stationed in Columbus, OH and is a sophomore in college...*sigh*

I'm sewing during the UM vs OSU game half-time adding the binding to a recently blogged baby quilt. I will begin to handstitch it onto the back during the second half. GO BUCKEYES!
(that's really hard, I lived in Michigan 23 years & Ohio 20 years!)


debraspincic said...

Definitely will keep your Daughter in my thoughts today!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters who you root for. You’re still stuck over "here" because you refer to Ft. Bragg as "down" instead of "over".

Love you.

Dana said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. My husband is full time MD Army National Guard. I know what it means to have a loved one in the service. Good thoughts are going your way. Happy Thanksgiving!