Sunday, October 28, 2007

WIP & Completions!!!

I know you are tired of hearing about how many hours I work and how much I am not getting done. I decided to stop whining, aren't you glad? I gathered my recent finishes, to post on my blog, and realized that I HAVE been getting things accomplished.

I have 17 blocks of my "Realitively Neutral" quilt done. They are paper-pieced and I get about one done each weekend. This will be for my bed. MY BED, can you believe it? Of course I'll need to make a new dust ruffle and make ginormous to fit our CA King bed. Maybe by next "winter" it will be completed. I'm thinking seriously about quilting it with Baptist Fans, what do you think?
Next is the sweater I'm working on. My first attempt at a sweater, and my first attempt with circular needles. It's going ok, I'm just finishing my first skein of yarn, a worsted wool, Lion Brand, in the shade of "mushroom". I literally freeze at work so this will be appreciated. The circulars are a bit freaky, and one has come apart twice despite gluing with gorilla glue. Any other suggestions? I like the bamboo, it's more friendly on my aching hands!
I hadn't shown these before, I call these my "Arizona Socks". The color reminds me of our beautiful sunsets. They are SO comfy! The yarn is Blue Moon, sockweight.

The next pair was my first attempt at changing colors. Um, ok, probably won't do that again, lol. I MADE myself finish these last week before I could start on the sweater. I still have things to spruce up on them, ends to weave, etc., and they've not been washed or blocked. Wonder where I could get some of those sock forms, any ideas?

And for my attempt at humor..."Does this cabinet make my butt look big?" or "Can you see me now?" Mr. Lizard trying to hide today when the big humans disturbed his sun bath. If you click on the pictures you may see his lovely coloring. They don't hurt or bite..just look scarey!

Oh, and I'm sorry about the whining, you know how the kids are when they are tired? Doesn't change just cuz you get OLD.


Deb H said...

Oh I love the lizard. & the socks look yummy warm. oes it get that cold in AZ, where you are?

It's been a while since I've visited much of anyone in Blogland. It looks like you're setteling in there.

Your LC Quilt will be beautiful. I love the subtle colors. I have a wool quilt on my bed. All hand dyed, appliqued & quilted. Not my specialty (hand work), but I took a little over 5 years to complete it, & I love it.

Christine Thresh said...

You have been busy! You are a multi-talented gal.
I might try knitting again with wool yarn -- that's what I used to use. You inspire me.
I love lizards.

paula, the quilter said...

Just go and get another circular needle. I, too, have problems with metal needles making my hands ache. (I've had 3 surgeries on my hands). My faves are the bamboo, but the plastic ones work well. I think Lion Brand has some plastic ones that will work. Good luck with that!

Norma said...

You have accomplished a lot! The quilt is lovely but I like those AZ sox! Now what do you wear with those to match? LOL..

Sorry to say I gave up on the knitting for now. I was NOT happy with that yarn on the big needles, not happy with the yarn on smaller needles so think I try crochet later. Had lots of fun just playing around though.

Lizards, cactus and road like this AZ stuff don't you? Makes me realize how its just become a way of life around here.

Got to admit though, weather is wonderful!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, we are all big lizard lovers here, so i enjoyed that!
But really liked the neutral log cabin, that is beautiful...and I don't think you whine!!Tracey

Bren said...

Gotta say, that lizard creeped me out...I think it was the toes!
I love your log cabin and think Baptist Fans (my absolute favorite) will be perfect!!

Ruth's Place said...

Beautiful socks, and I love the lizard picture. You can find sock blockers here

I haven't bought from her, but admire her work greatly.

Jeanne said...

That looks to be a LARGE lizard! The ones we have around here are sort of Sharpie-marker size.
Your log cabins are really nice!

Swany Photography/Web Design said...

i sent 4 pictures to your email of pictures my friend emailed me.. i took more before we left to go to the party.. i just haven't gotten them off my camera... i'll try to do it "soon"

Thanks for the great costume!

Tanya Brown said...

Mr. Lizard looks a great deal like the fence lizards here in the Bay Area. I like lizards.

Goodness me, you have been busy, both at work and with your various sorts of needles! I avoid knitting like the plague, but I admire those who do it.

Shelina said...

The Relatively Neutral quilt looks wonderful. I've had the log cabin quilt on my to do list for ages. It just might be bumped up so I can make one of those next year!

Tanya said...

Wow, you are really getting a lot done! I need to get my knitting needles out too. Socks? I tried those last year and was very disappointed in my results so that project I will skip.

And your relatively neutral quilt is awesome! Such a beautiful, subtle color change! Just lovely!

atet said...

Your neutral quilt is beautiful -- baptist fans would be fantastic on it! I've been on a bit of a knitting kick myself lately -- but I can't help you with the bamboo circulars -- I like them, but I am absolutely in love with my addi turbos. I'd say just buy a new pair of the bamboo though!

As for the sock blockers -- Blue Moon yars carries them on their web site:

Tanya Brown said...

Regarding the restaurant we went to in my post, it was Clarke's.


Rian said...

That is one gorgeous quilt! I need to start mine....soon!

Carole said...

The quilt is looking lovely and so are the socks! I can offer you some cheese & crackers with that whine! lol Have a great day!

Samantha said...

Great progess! LOVE those socks!

Swany Photography/Web Design said...

come on mom post something new!!! you're going to force me to actually have to read other peoples blogs here in a minute!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your log cabin (Relatively Neutral) is looking gorgeous. Is the lizard a horned toad? We used to have one as a pet when I was a child. We bought him at the fair. He had a little gold leash.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I love the socks with the red toes and heels - what a great job you did. How can you knit though when it is so hot?

J Sews said...

I LOVE your neutral log cabin! It is going to be just gorgeous!
I see that the knitting bug has bitten you too! I started knitting when my 1st GRANDbaby was born in August and it has become an addiction! (I'm hoping that quilting won't go on the back burner for too long!) Hugs!