Sunday, October 21, 2007

Reliving a Childhood Memory

I l-o-v-e making my children's Halloween costumes. Still.

The photo above was marked 10/85 making my oldest 3-1/2 and my then youngest 10 mo. My youngest was sporting a panel that was to be a Trick-or-Treat bag. She's wearing her fuzzy-footed sleeper to keep warm during those cold Ohio Autumn nights.

My oldest was a Smurf, they were all the rage then. She adored Smurfs. Had many stuffed toys depicting Smurfs and collected the little rubber figures and carried them everywhere (including the bathtub!).

I didn't have a pattern but had taken Stretch-n-Sew classes. I used a pants pattern to create white fake-fur pants that continued to flaps which covered her shoes. I used a SnS pattern to make the blue turtleneck and made a white fur hat to boot. (Complete with a jingle bell because I just couldn't resist.)

Oh goodness. My oldest is now 25 and wants Momma to make another costume. Mind you, she lives in Orlando and doesn't own a tape measure. "How big?" "Dunno, I'm skinny." She doesn't buy alot of clothes and asking her what size is just silly. I phoned her 2 younger sisters to get opinions.

This is what we're going for this time...Papa Smurf!

Same thing, this time in red. WOW! It's bright to sew on! And can you say messy? I bought a flannel pants pattern and made the pants (complete with tail!) and hat...hope my kiddo likes it!

Yeah, I know. The tail is obscene. Please remember this is the BACK of the costume. OH! I hope they have a cold snap in Orlando, she's gonna roast in fake-fur, hahahahaha! I left the shirt to her this time, that and the beard. Dh will take it to the Post Office first thing in the morning, party is next Saturday night.
Gotta love it.


Tanya Brown said...

Ooooohhh!!! It's SO SMURFY!!!

Erika said...

So cool. I look so dumb in that picture. I never knew it was a trick or treating bag! lolll

Bev in SW Ohio said...

What did you use for the blue face paint? Sure glad my girls just wanted to be the typical witch or cat or things that the pattern books had available!! I still have those I think! Hugs - Bev

Norma said...

You are a good Mom! Be sure and post pictures of Papa Smurf aka oldest daughter.

mar said...

I love to see people dress up for Halloween. Luv the Smurf idea!

Web Design/Graphic Artists said...

hehe I can't wait to get it! probally tomarrow or thursday... i ordered a perfect top from nike so the costumes all complete! and I even have red converse in the closet so I'll be super set! thanks mom!

I'll take oddles of pictures and send them to you...

I couldn't sleep tonight so I did a new picture in photoshop from a tutorial and made a new post!

Swany's Portfolio Web Site

Christine Thresh said...

I used to love making costumes for Halloween. One year I made a mailbox (the kind that used to stand on corners) in red, white, and blue with a flap that came down so my little guy could ask for treats. It was cardboard covered with paper.
Another year I was desperate and made a table top. His head stuck up in the middle of a large circle covered with cloth. He was the centerpiece. Paper plates and plastic forks and spoons were glued on for the place settings.
Such fun memories.

QuiltingFitzy said...

OMG Christine, I did a stand-up mailbox too! I'll find a picture and get it posted, lol.

Web Design/Graphic Artists said...

it fit perfect! tomarrow I'll go and get stuff for my beard.... what happen to the bell? haha

brandy really wants a ghostbusters costume... so next year put us on the list for 2 ghostbuster costumes!

love the hat fits so nice!

pants are perfect, but for my pajams make them a bit bigger... i don't want to touch the insides.. :)

Shelina said...

What a good Mom! Luckily I haven't had to make anything so difficult, and hopefully DD won't be asking for any more costumes from me.

andsewitis Holly said...

Cute picture, great costumes and a wonderful mom!!! My daughter (20yr) still asks me to make costumes on occasion.

atet said...

What a great Mom -- and I'm laughing because I had a bunch of those things as well (I'm a bit older than your daughter though) -- and because my in-laws HATE the smurfs. Something about it teaching communist ideals and being demeaning to women...heheheheh...great costume.