Sunday, October 07, 2007

Exploring...Like Columbus?

In "honor" of Columbus, we went exploring. Well, sort of. (all photos "clickable")

We have a State Park pass this year, and want to explore the various campgrounds - but time is scarce as hen's teeth. Tomorrow, we observe Columbus Day, which allowed us to take a mini-vacation to Picacho Peak State Park. It's just a stone's throw away from home.

We are accustomed to camping in dense redwood forests back in California, or woods with lakes back in Ohio. Here at Picacho, the largest things are the Saguaro Cacti with a small Palo Verde tree stuck here and there. Luckily, many sites have small structures over the picnic table where we chased the shade with our lawn chairs.

So the pic above was our campsite, our humble abode in the center. The weather was AWESOME, in the 80's. Cool nights made me wishing I had more than my thin hooded sweatshirt. Next week it will be back in the 90's for sure, but the break was appreciated, and well-timed.

I am "cacti crazy". My dd#3 said she was too, "But then she got over it." I am fascinated by the repetition and form, color, size...all so yummy. Gimme TEXTURE! Oh, and it's a definate, "Look-but-don't touch" activity. This photo is definately worth clicking on!

This is what happens when they get old and tired. It takes anywhere from 75 to 100 years for a saguaro to grow an arm. They often live 150 years, and are our state's symbol of sort, if not even officially! Even in death, there is life, look above this old tired one..and you see a new baby.
Here is another, that's been sitting longer than the one above. In the one above, the outer coating is still there. Here, it's reedy skeleton remains. You can see termite "glue" at the break, it's feeding yet another sector of our world's population!

Just how long can garbage survive? Figure pop-top cans became popular in the 60's, probably dominating the industry by the 70's. If I wasn't so scared of what would have been IN this can I would have taken it back to the garbage myself. You've got to be really careful out here because of scorpions, tarantulas, etc.
Thanks for coming along on my exploration, what did you do this weekend?


Vicky aka stichr said...

Camping in Cacti...sounds like the name of a quilt, or painting. I have 'desktopped' your campsite photo to remind me that there are dry sunny days out there....south of here that is.

Erika said...

That cacti picture was AMAZING! Looks lik eyou had some funnn!!! Miss you!

Kieny said...

Yes you're right that's a great picture and even better after clicking on it!

Norma said...

The first few years we lived here, every time I found a piece of the spine wood stuff, I drug it home. It just seemed to have so many "crafty" possibilites. Finally DH asked what those crafty things were going to be.........and I had no clue so in the trash they went! LOL

Isn't it great to have OUTDOOR time?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Fascinating post, I haven't ever been that up close and personal with cacti in the desert. Glad you left the can to become one with it's surroundings~ sounds like it's prudent to be cautious!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

That is amazing...just like all the westerns we have to watch here, Tracey

Tanya said...

That was a really interesting tour. I had to click on all the pictures just because I wanted to be up closer. I'd never have known that's how a cactus "goes". And doesn't that can picture speak volumes.