Thursday, May 24, 2007

Maybe? Probably? Hopefully?

My interviews yesterday were just plain fun. Now how weird is that! I guess when you are seasoned enough in job hunting, you can start to play your skills you've learned along the way.

I'm talking body language, etc. "Sit with head slightly tilted," "Look interested," "Let your hands rest easily in your lap instead crossed in front of you." I was amazingly calm, maybe because I am only looking for a job where and with whom I want to work?

The first interview went very well, I've heard from my last boss and one of my personal references, that they've been called and grilled. This particular position is a newly created position so I'll really be free to make it what I can. I like that! This department has also just moved into a brand-spanking new building; I like that too!

The second interview went well too. It's more of an accounting admin. job, and what I'm trained to do. I'll have to see what they offer, if they are only allowed to take vacations in April and October/November because of work load. That sounds a little scarey.

I have an upcoming interview with the Bar Association next week, hopefully I'll have something in the works already and won't need to go there, we'll see, it's always an adventure.

Thanks for all your crosses and thinkings! 8^) I just knew you'd all help me come thru with flying colors. You're the best.


ruth said...

Hope you hear from the job of your choice soon.

Rian said...

Let the powers that be choose YOU!

Darlene said...

Good luck with all the interviews!

I'd lost your blog - just stumbled across it. Looks like you're getting very settled in cactus land. :-)

Tanya said...

Good for you. Hope it works out just the way you've been dreaming!

atet said...

Glad to hear the interviews went well -- it's always a great feeling when that happens! Hope you get offers!

Jane Ann said...

Love your reactions to the interviews. At some point in our lives we kind of get a perspective ("who gives a da*n??") that lets us relax and enjoy the ride. I haven't looked for a job in 14 years, but by the time I was in my mid-30's and into my 40's, I was aware of my abilities and--more important--more aware of my value and what I wanted. Makes a huge difference in the process.

(If you get a choice, go with the new position--I had that one time and it was great. I got to make the rules as I went along.)

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

That's a luxury being able to choose them, instead of them choosing you. Take your time and make sure you pick a job with time for quilting, or nice and close to a LQS for lunchtime visits. Maybe you could make that one of your selection criteria?