Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Job Interview & strip request

I am SO excited! Got a call back requesting an interview Wednesday, the 23rd.

Please send all your positive vibes, and cross those fingers and toes...it's a place where I REALLY would enjoy working. (Hopefully my grammer will improve before tomorrow!)

I had an interview appointment set for today with a cloth manufacturer. DH and I took a drive by the place last evening. Oh, I think not; in a very iffy part of town. Now, THAT would have been very cool. Looked tho like they contract it all out, as the fabric is all hand stamped. Not exactly the type of work force (nor conditions) I'm supportive of, but I was willing to learn more about the company before making a decision.

Sprouts are doing their thang in spite of my less-than-perfect method, and I've managed to make another neutral log block.

Would anyone be interested in swapping 2"x10" of WOW and beiges? Name what type you'd like back. I just really can't justify going out and purchasing little bits when we can shop at each other's house, lol.

Things are going my way - woo-hoo!


Rian said...

I have a couple WOWs but I have a bunch of creams and beiges. email me your address and I'll send em to ya.

Erika said...

Take a picture of the sprouts! Where is this intervieW?!

PS I will TRY to work onyour blog header tonight.

Tanya Brown said...

Hot diggity! Congrats on the interview. I'll keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

mamaspark said...

I would love to do a swap, with you and maybe with whoever else wants to do it too. Here is my email so you can send me your postal address:


Nancy said...

I'll send you strips. I don't have a lot of WOW as I've been using them a lot lately but I'll send you some of each one I have. But I have a LOT of cream/beige/tan ones. Do you not want any duplicates or will multiples of each fabric do for your project?

Dana said...

Okay, what's a WOW. I have fabric so I'll swap. Email me at danam2007(at)comcast(dot)net