Saturday, May 12, 2007

For Sunday - To My Children on Mother's Day

To my children on Mother's Day:

I could not have nearly "as cool" without awesome kids like YOU! Thank you for remembering me on this day. I love you more than any words that could be written.

BUT... since I've never gotten the last word ... (and THIS is the way I tell you I love you!)

"What time is the game?"
"Do you have your uniform ready?"
"Where's your water jug?"
"Don't pick on your sister"
"Go brush your teeth"
"and have a good day today"

Love you, love your show!
XO, Momma


Tanya said...

And you know, my kids rarely said they loved me either (especially in those jr. high days) but I told them that I heard "I love you" in every "thank you " that they said. I still do.

Erika said...

You know I love you. LOVE YOU! Happy mothers day (in 33 minutes!) I wish I could be there with youuuu!!!!!!!

And yes my uniform is ready (for work tomorrow) ;-)

Swany said...

I LOVE YOU MOM! happy mothers day!

with out you i would have never...

...woke up in the morning for school because you always came down to my room and woke me up with hot coco, toast, and turned on cartoons for me...then i'd drink and eat my goodies and fall back asleep, then you'd come back down stairs and wake me back up and stand in my room till i got outta bed.. but the fun wasn't done there, cause i'd either fall asleep in the laundry room getting clothes on or fall asleep in the bathtub.. and AGAIN you'd wake me up and say damn it, sara your going to miss the bus!... and i usually did, and you'd take me to school in the car, which if we were really late ment we got to go to McDonalds!... you did this all the way through my senior year in HS... THANK YOU! ... i just really wanted to hang out with you the whole time! you're my mommy and i love you!

with out you i would have probably been in jail. you taught me it's better to make fun of someone than punch them in their stupid face...

with out you i wouldn't be the coolest dresser on the block! remember in 2nd grade i wanted to wear my Madonna t-shirt and school called you up and said i couldn't wear it because madonna had cleavage.. and you said she can wear what ever she wants and came and got me at school! they were going to make me wear the lost and found shirts! GROSS! so with out you telling me i can do what ever the hell i want and to and to ignore everybody, including the rule makes i wouldn't be who i am... :) stupid people thinking they can control everybody... NOT ME!

with out you i wouldn't have been able to do so many cool things! all those after school programs you signed me up for, all the sports teams i played for, and all the cool places you took us as kids to expand our minds... it really was a good idea, i had so much fun and learned so much it really reflects how i live today!

thank you for coming to nearly EVERY softball game! wow i probably had 1000 softball games! you were the softball momma, and everybody loved you. you had a cooler full of treats, wash clothes for our necks, and a huge bottle of sunscreen. and when i had a triple header and wanted a huge glass of coke/pop/soda in the hot sun... you just went and got it for me and placed in on the bench so i could drink it when we got our 3 outs! for every tourney shirt i wanted and you bought, thank you! i still wear them today and every time i do I'm like awww i remember this tourney and i love my mom!

there's so much more i could write... but these are good for now... i'll save the other ones for next mothers day!

thank you mommy! i love you! i love you! .... i love you and your show! ... and i even love my sisters...

and i'll sign this one as,

Swany said...

oh and speaking of brushing your teeth... parents hand down the genitics of bad teeth!

so my freaking soft teeth are eaither you or dad's fault! i have pretty much every tooth with a fixed cavity if not one then it has 2 fixed ones! lol

oh well, and least i don't have a hockey goal between my two front teeth! ;)

Erika said...

ohmy gosh too great.

mamaspark said...

Wow. Sounds like you have great kids. Are you still in Mi cuz that's where I am too. Your Sara sounds a lot like my Shbley, laugh! Hope you had a nice mothers day!