Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Flashback - My first 2 homes

First, you have to go check this blog, it's my dd#2. She posted THE FUNNIEST photo of my 3 girls you have ever seen. Her Friday Flashbacks just crack me up. Note the clevage and the location of the training bra.

Secondly, you may not think "My first 2 homes" is terribly significant.'s 2 of 24 (I think, I haven't counted again recently). I'm the product of an "entrepreneur" sales type father, we moved wherever the job was/would be/might be. I attribute my easy-to-make-friends-with attitude to my father. It was a blessing in disguise.

I'm noting these photos mainly because if I don't...these images will be gone, I don't have one single decent picture, so this will do. That stuff happens when you've moved as much as I have. Things once were "packed up" and never retrieved.

I've gotten the hang of Microsoft Virtual Earth. Wowie! You do not have to download anything, answer "no" if it prompts you to download 3D, it just isn't necessary. What I did is capture the screen and clip the picture, and made sure it's a jpg. If you want to know how, just drop me an email. Goodness, if I can do it...anyone can!

This is my first house, guess I would have lived there 1957-1962 +/- , it's in Pleasant Lake, MI. It was a lovely shade of Williamsburg blue, had a HUGE red barn (where that side bldg. is), but hey, I still see the chicken coop on the left! Must have been rebuilt, it just couldn't be a safe structure after so many years, lol. Outhouse is gone tho. It had a cinder drive, still can feel how it felt when I fell down, ouch. We rode to school in the school bus, I attended kindergarten there. Once the bus had to come all the way back to my house after delivering all the children, I had fallen asleep, missed my stop and they didn't know I was still on the bus! (My zzzZZZ's have gotten me in trouble more than once!)

From there, my father went on to be a cabinet salesman at a lumber company. That took us to the first house in Flint, MI. Now there's a charming, not.

My house was the white one to the left of the red trimmed building. Our basement and the gray concrete building on the lower level housed a plumbing company that accessed from the front portion of the building. Our house was a duplex, we occupied the 2 story section, a nice young couple had the smaller single floor side. The red building was then the laundrymat, it's a bar now I believe. We used to be able to schedule events by the sounds of the distant automobile factory horns. If you heard it when leaving the house, you'd be on time for school, we walked the one block to our elementary. Flint is now just a shell, most of the factories are since closed and the economy is very depressed. The downtown structures are still nice and you can still get a Halo Burger with green olives, all isn't lost.

Thanks for bearing with me down Memory Lane.


Tanya Brown said...

Say, this is neat! Thank you for sharing these memories, and thank you for the reference to the interesting tool. (MS Virtual Earth)

I'm digging the Popsickle stick cleavage in your daughter's bosom. If only I'd thought of that way back when.

Tanya Brown said...
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Erika said...

Great post momma!!!! thanks for the link love!!

Christine Thresh said...

Thanks for telling us about the virtual earth link. I went right there and found my house.

atet said...

Thanks for the pics and the memories. I grew up about 50 miles north of Detroit. One of my aunts worked in the Flint schools not too long ago -- what has happened to that city is sad.