Monday, February 20, 2006

Army Reserves

Anyone who has been related in any way to a prospective recruit will share the twang of my heartstrings. My youngest daughter-19yo is preparing to sign-on with the Army Reserves.

Above all, I am proud of her decision. Right next to that is the mixed feelings I have about all the rest that goes along with said decision. Nothing more needs to be said, does it?

Please keep her in her thoughts.


cindyquilts said...

Fitzy ... my 20 y.o. son is in the Reserves and atFt. Jackson right now doing Basic and then AIT. He just keeps says: write letters, Mom, please. Send an addy when she goes and we will write to her too.

just me sue said...

WOW! Little Lisa! When did this all happen? We wish her the best! And, will need her address so I can send cookies! (hope the don't get broken in transit)