Sunday, February 19, 2006

Do I only photograph quilt tops?

Gotta laugh! I am such a procrastinator, I only manage to snap a photo while a quilt is in the "top only" catagory. I'm always sewing the binding on, and attaching the label just before running out the door for it's presentation. Am I alone?

This baby quilt was done for a friend's newest arrival near Houston, TX. Never met the gal, but did business with her every day for a couple of years solely on the telephone. What a captive audience we were for each other, and being in the same business we shared even that in common.

(No, I have any idea why my pic is so small, I'll have to pull out that CD again and get a better copy!)


Raven C. Ase said...

Hey,I know this sounds weird,but when I was veiwing my blog,I clicked "Next Blog" and guess what?You were the blog after mine?Isn't THAT phyco?I mean,it's cool,but it's like,crazy...Yeah,well,sorry for bothering you.But isn't that just awesome?
Your Favorite Nightmare,
Raven C. Ase

QuiltingFitzy said...

Um yeah, I think so, lol. You must really be f-a-r away, it's not even bedtime. Later.

Samantha said...

cute quilt :-)