Friday, February 03, 2006

Slippin' Away...

My Goodness! Time flies so fast!
My learning curve at work has dulled a bit, I'm officially "busy". Working for a Non-Profit driven company has an interesting spin, like none I've ever experienced. I'm trying to keep my nose to the grindstone and shine with what I know the most about and I know I'll be fine. But can we hurry up that process PLEASE?

I've included a post today of a new hand project I started. I needed something to work on in my lap during lunch and evening TV time. My Grandmother passed to me the love for Cobalt Glass and her vast collection of Blue Willow China, so it seemed appropriate that I choose this book when mentioned on These blocks are now 6.5", they will be trimmed to 4.5". It is a Dear Jane style but in reverse applique. I guess it's worth mentioning that I've never done applique at all, please forgive me. Oh, and I'll get good at that too...purdy soon.

Have a terrific day!


Bev in SW Ohio said...

I'm impressed with your commitment!!! They are going to be truly wonderful.

QuiltingFitzy said...

What do you think, a skinny blue sashing in between?

Shelina said...

Is this book called Dutch Run? I saw a quilt at the quilt show this month that used these and it was gorgeous! I'm making a Dear Jane, so I am holding off on starting another teeney tiny block quilt.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Sheila, it's called Dutch Treat.

I'm poking along on it, it's my take everywhere hand work. I do most of the driving for dh and I but I do take this silly ziploc bag everywhere I go, "just in case!"

I am particularly fond of the delft style as my grandmother gave me all her Blue Willow dishes as inheritance. I also collect pre-depression cobalt glass....oh yum!