Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another ONE bites the dust!

Yeah baby!

I've lost a whopping 19 pounds since January 1 and I am thrilled to pieces!

I have struggled with my weight for 30 years, never really finding a "good enough" reason to stop the 3-5 pound/year weight gain. A year ago, October 2004 I married the best reason ever. Now I NEED to be fit and healthy, I want to spend most time possible with this guy! He's in this quest with me, making it ever-so-simple. Who knew it could be this easy, not to mention fun?! It's all about food journalling and healthy eating, no fads, no going without, learning how to make better choices within limits.


Dorothy said...

Hey Fitz - go find a 9 month old bouncing baby boy. Pick him up - THAT is how much weight you've lost. An entire little person! I'm looking forward to losing at least a 4th grader. ;o)

Scrapmaker said...

Congratulations and hooray for you! Lifestyle changes really do work. You are an inspiration to us all. Jen

Kay said...

Hooray for you. That's an impressive amount to lose in two months.

Your comment on my blog made me laugh--thanks.