Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Coming Along

OK, so I've learned lots!

Today I learned NOT to leave my rug on the frame, it has gotten all lumpy. I trust it will relax way before I do.

I may rework the baby quails, they sort of look like frogs, lol. If I don't, that's OK too, my art is far from perfect.

Sure wish I had a group to join, or a friend who was learning with me, but I think I'm doing OK.

I've got ideas for a door crown and a second rug, it's addicting. I'm enjoying creating some things to decorate our home reminisent of our life here in the desert.


Rian said...

Well I have no clue what you are doing so I can offer no help. It's nice to have a hobby that you can take into another room or on a car trip. That is one downside to our sewing craft--you are nailed to machine. Unless of course you do hand quilting, but there's no chance of that happening in this house. Besides, I couldn't watch basketball for hours on end...

Erika said...

hehe they kind or doo look like frogs. what about making them forward facing? anyway i still love it!!

Dorothy said...

Tag! You're it! (check my blog for the sordid details)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fitzy...this is Sunnie from the Bradley Primitive Rug blog!! : )

I'm not sure if you drew the pattern or if you purchased it, but it is very important to have the outside lines of the rug on the straight grain of the backing. Also, if it is a straight border, the inside border line should also be on the straight grain. Unless this is done, your design will be "off" and your rug will not have the nice straight edges.

As to leaving your rug on the frame...I usually don't but I know many rug hookers who do!! LOL (Aren't I a help!!!) But again, it is so important to have your rug backing put on your frame straight. You don't want it to become warped and out if shape. Maybe this is part of the problem if your outline isn't straight.

Although I don't know how many other rug hookers do this, I always steam the center of my rug before doing the borders. I can then have the center nice and flat before beginning the border and can see if something looks "off". Sometimes it can be corrected at that point, maybe by adjusting the outside border line to the straight of the grain and then drawing a wavy line for the inner border instead of having it be straight. It depends upon the inner design too.

As I said on my note to you on my Blog, if you purchased the pattern, please notify the seller that the pattern is not drawn straight. I know you have already done your hooking, but I would want to be told that I did not send a correct pattern!!! Let the person know that you are having problems with the border and ask them what they would do if they were hooking it. (I feel they should give you a correct pattern but you might not want to do the same one again!) : )

If you did the drawing yourself...all of us have goofed in our early years of hooking and our mistakes are how we learn! I was told over and over by experienced rug hookers to Always draw my outer lines straight on the backing unless I wanted a free-form rug! : ) (The inner lines can go all over the place!!)

Would it be possible for you to make this mat a free form edge and just finish it up with a softly curved edge all around? It would be a learning experience in binding and edge-whipping a softly curved outline. : )

Yeeks! I didn't mean to write a book here...but hope some of this helps!!! Hugs, Sunnnie : )