Sunday, April 06, 2008

Changing boats in the middle of the stream

I seem to be bouncing around alot lately. First standing on one foot, then boucing to the other. Thankfully dh never says one iota about my sewing room and I try to keep my mess confined. (Yeah, right! Well...I said I tried.)

I'm 3/4 done with a sweater for work. It's now tooooo hot to knit on the bus, I did appreciate the warmth when it was cold. I don't know if I'll get back to it before next winter.

I'm 1/2 done with my piece for Tonya's Winter Class. The background has me a little befuddled and I'm chipping away at it slowly.

I'm 0/0 done with my piece for Tonya's Summer Class. It's still playing tricks with my head.

I am changing boats mid-stream.

I've just received a lovely Ault's wool rug hooking frame and have designed my first rug pattern. This is something I have always wanted to do.

My maternal grandmother and her sister were master's of the craft of rug hooking, I'd like to continue in their honor. They produced lovely rugs with flowers in the middle, I'd love to see one, I believe they are all gone from the family.

Living here in the Sonoran Desert is amazing. One of my favorite things is to watch the Quail families, first the parents, then 5-8 babies appear on the scene. They scurry in long lines along the base of our fence, trying to stay out of harms way. My first rug, measuring 19x25 will capture this memory. Pay no mind to the narrow border penned at the bottom, I've added the additional needed inch where you may see a zig-zag stitching line. Darned freezer paper was only 18" wide and I was too lazy to tape on ONE INCH. The background is Belgium Linen. I'm off to place my wool order,Wendy from The Red Saltbox has been a huge help in wool selection. My order should go out early in the week.

My wonderful dh made Sour Dough English Muffins from scratch this morning. My, the house smells good as he cooks them in the electric skillet like pancakes. I was out planting flowers and he brought me a toasted sample complete with strawberry preserves. What a man.
I'm off to swim in the pool and generally just kick-back this afternoon. It's to get to 85 today, the cacti are starting to blossom and everyone is sniffling because of the Palo Verde trees.

Enjoy your day!


Erika said...

coooll coool. i want some of that food!

Rian said...

Home made English muffins with jam? I'm dyin'! We used to have a palo verde pretty in spring. Those prickers are lethal, though. And they make a heck of a mess with their droppings.

goddettops said...

Man, are you missing something? The quail hatch about 20 puffs in a clutch. There is a high death rate. It really is something to see an adult in the front of the clutch and the other adult bringing up the rear and the whole family scurry across the road. Sometimes the younguns are tossed about by the breeze from passing cars.