Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Flashback - The Things the Kids Will Remember

The tiny black computer chip that touts an spooky "ooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooo"
It came from a box of cereal in about 1998. We've hidden it in each other's belongings for soooo long now. Just when you've forgotten it's existance, "ooooooOOOOOOOOooooooo", you get it BACK! It.doesn't.die.

The cereal freebies
Having 3 girls all in 5 years, made sibling rivalry very interesting! Everyone wanted the race car in the Rice Krispies, or the license plate in the Frosted Flakes. The giftie was more important than the cereal. The gifties were ALL placed in a large coffee can and passed out on our first official "snow day" of the season. Living in Ohio, made snow days pretty likely.

The top of the 'fridge
It was the "no man's land" for all things you fought over. The cherised item was plunked up there and promptly forgotten. (By Mom too, lol.)

Paying to "borrow" clothes
Instead of stealing a shirt, one kid would charge another for the wearing rights. They purchased most of their own clothing, it was just the way it was. Hey! Otherwise they fought like CRAZY women!

Being paid to do the family laundry
We had "laundry mountain". 3 kids, each in several sports, 2 working NEVER was caught up. You earned $1 if you washed, folded and distributed a load. No partials.

Making Mom change her clothes BEFORE she could come into the house
OK so for awhile I sold fish in a retail market. P-U, I don't blame 'em.

Looking up in ANY set of bleachers, and knowin' good ol' Mom would be there, rooting you on like crazy.

Knowing Mom would help with ANYTHING involving helping her kids succeed and not stop until the job was done, the homework was brought up to school, the clean uniforms delivered, the cookies were baked.

So if you're still reading...
I got THE BEST gift today, an early Mother's Day gift. A thank you for all those goofy things I did cuz I love my girls fiercly. I got an IPOD Shuffle. WOW. Thanks Erika, and I do...

She had it inscribed. This was a slogan from a radio station as I would drive them to school (instead of them having to take the school bus).



Anonymous said...

hi fitzy girl!
You made me smile, some of the things you write about are things I remember from when I was a little girl.... to prevent us from beating eachothers head in over a little 2-cent toy, my mom always put it on top of the highest shelve that she could find.... lol
Hugs from the Netherlands, good to read you again!
Winda aka the Dutchquilter

Rian said...

What a sweet post. I love yer show, too.

Erika said...

I love you!!! That was an awesome post, and oh-my-god I put things I take away from the kids I watch on top of the 'fridge. lol.

Where did that little black box go to anyway??!