Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Fare

Does your Sunday include family and friends? Mine usually does. Yet, not a family member lives within 300 miles and friends exist "at work".

So how do we "do it"? Online baby!

Above is pictured the Yahoo game of Literati(almost exactly like Scrabble), being played by dd#2 and I this morning. Her day on EST is well underway, my day in PST is just beginning. We chat and play, sometimes more than one game..but still a way to communicate. Another friend "way up there in Canada", played 3 games last night. Sometimes if we're lucky, the 3 of us play together. Imagine being lucky enough to gather AZ, OH and Canada at one table! OH! And the price is right - FREE.

So while we play, I got some knitting done, dh worked on a computer at the other end of the sofa (he's building some computer's software on a 3rd laptop..dunno) and next in line is some sewing I do believe!

Have a wonderful day, and figure out how to reach out and gather those family members way or another!


Finn said...

Hi Fitzy...good to see you again! I'm almost as bad about getting here as is possible..I need lessons from that RR that DH had the close encounter with...LOL

Love the idea of the long distance game..will have to see about maybe getting that set up with one of my kids(all living away from here) or maybe even a grandson..*VBS*
Keep up that great start on the pairs of socks...socks rock! Hugs, Finn (no where near the surface of the sun)

Tanya Brown said...

LOL! Hey, that's a cool idea.

I loved your roadrunner from yesterday. Watch out for wiley coyotes, though.

Erika said...

Momma never loses.

andsewitis Holly said...

Now that's a wonderful idea. I'll have to try something along those lines.

Christine Thresh said...

How do you find the game?

Shelina said...

The internet is certainly a wonderful thing - no more waiting for letters and paying postage or making very short expensive phone calls. Now you can instantly communicate and even play games with your loved ones.

Congratulations on your smile award.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Finally allowed to comment here!
Hi, meant to comment on the RRunner, my kids will love that!!! Tracey