Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beep Beep ! !

Sometimes I'm just boring! So I've left out the boring days...but it's never boring around this house! While I was away at work yesterday, dh was having a visit with a Road Runner.

Yes, this is the same creature they have portrayed for the Road Runner cartoon. Dh said he was about as big as a chicken. I guess the bucket is about 16" high.

Then this morning, most of the neighborhood was awakened(?) by a HUGE coyote in the wash, barking his fool head off. He sounded so comical with a howl at the end of each barking spaz. Don't know what he was fussing about, maybe he was alerting his pack that, "Denny's was open 24 hours, come and get it!" Even more comical tho were the half dressed, mussed hair folks who were popping their head up over their concrete wall (that edges the wash). I felt like I wanted to play "Wack-a-mole". OK, I was still in my nightie and dh in his sleeping shorts, lol...I was just as bad.

We are still having mostly 100F (38C) degree days but the nights are cooling into the mid-70'sF (22C). I am SO looking foward to some cooler weather. I'm headed out today to find some wool/acryllic blend yarn to begin my first sweater. By the time I finish (don't put money on it) cooler weather will be here. I'm the eternal optimist. I'm almost finished with my third pair of socks and I PROMISE not to start the sweater until the socks are finished. PROMISE.

Dh scored a treasure trove of bamboo knitting needles on ebay last week for me. He found complete sets of both 24" and 16" circulars and complete sets of both 6" and 5" dpns for the price of just a few pair. With one pair ranging around $9, I got them all for about $2. Nice score and a patient dh, he was in 4 separate auctions that all had those rapid flurries at the end. I don't have the patience for them, nor do I "get it".

I've been working 10 hour days again on a special project. It's almost 1/2 done but I think the boss has some more "ideas". I'm anxious to have a quiet weekend at home, how about you?

I've also been squeezing some Sunday afternoon sewing, more on that later, when it actually looks like something!



Gail said...

A real road runner - that's not something most of us get to see, thanks for sharing. I'm not sure I'd recognize it compared to the cartoon. Say, maybe that was Wyle E. Coyote out in the wash upset with not getting camera time!

Jeanne said...

Ooooh, the road runner is neat!
Jeanne :)

Bren said...

That is a road runner?? I have visions of something quite different ;) Thanks for sharing.

Norma said...

We have lived in AZ for almost 25 years and I have never seen a roadrummer that close.

In the early 70's DH and I bought our first "new" car..........a Roadrunner! It was a beautiful blue on the bottom and had a white vinyl top. It was a beauty and DH's pride and joy ( after me and the kids, of course! LOL) It had the horn that went "beep, beep" and the kids used to beg for him to honk it! It's amazing what sparks our memeories!

The only coyote I have seen is one that was hiding under a tree in a vacant lot in our neighborhood, Not sure where it came from but I could have missed it too, had my grand daughter not spotted it.

Norma said...

Ok, no one else has seen a roadruMMer! Make that roadrunner! LOL

Tanya said...

Hey, I've never seen a real roadrunner! (Only cartoons) Kind of cute. The coyotes, no thanks. I've run across a couple in California. Not too pretty a creature!

ginger said...

We had coyotes in our backyard in the city in California a couple of times, but luckily, here in Indiana, the worst we get are rabbits!

I found your blog through a roundabout way, but I think you have commented on my blog, and probably found my blog through the quilting forum. Such a small world!