Sunday, December 31, 2006

"Honey, I'm home!"

Didjamissme? OK, admit it, you surfed by more than once, sorry!!

We are beginning the research towards our retirement home in Arizona. We drove south to the LA area to overnight at my sister's house on the way to Tucson. She was away, so we visited with the cat, lol.

Retirement for dh will be April 2008, unless his company decides to lay him off first. While that sounds horrible, it just isn't. His company is downsizing at at an alarming rate, taking most of it's business back to Germany. Lay-off would be accompanied by a huge severance package, or patience will be rewarded by the traditional retirement perks.

Nonetheless, we are doing a great deal of internet searching to decide upon style and ammenities for our future home and went to the greater Tucson area to scout neighborhoods, traffic patterns, etc., and to get the general feel of the area to see if it would likely be a good match.

We fell absolutely IN LOVE. We came a hair away from signing on a home, but were wise enough to realize that if everything wasn't aligned correctly, then it probably just wasn't meant to be. Didn't actually mean to go inside with a realtor, really we didn't, it just happened that she was checking on her listing when we were pulling the sheet from the info-tube!
This is a sunset picture that we took while we were in an hour and a half traffic standstill. Unfortunately a fatality had occured and poor old I-10 just doesn't hold gazillions of holiday travellers well.

We're home safe and sound in N. CA after 2000 miles of driving (and another stay at my sister's on the return trip-and actually got to see her, lol).

I've accounted for 2 of 3 of my daughters on this New Year's Eve, and hope you all are safe and enjoying your evening your most favorite way. (Our's is being home and in our jammies after a dip in the hottub.)

Happy New Year!


Debra Spincic said...

Now that Rian is settled in her new home, you can continue the saga!

QuiltingFitzy said...

We are just trying very carefully not to get the cart before the horse, lol!!!

Erika said...

I love the hat on that cactus! lol!

Rian said...

Yes, I am more than happy to pass the torch! Hey Fitzy, take a look at Austin, Texas.

Virginia said...

The "Santa Cactus" is genial!
Thank you for your comments in my blogs.
I wish you a Happy new year!