Monday, August 17, 2009

Camera Operation 101

This could be a repeat post, lol...but I'm old "now", I'm allowed. I just ran across this photo on KMVT's website and wanted to post it.

My husband would tell you that the experience we received regarding camera operation isn't anything like the "real thing". What I would tell you is that I wouldn't trade what I learned, and the fun that I had, for anything!

We received free training while I was an Administrative Assistant at a small Community Television station in northern California...and HE went on to a CBS Affiliate station here in Arizona. Not sure how that happened, and YES, I'm green with envy. We do view television a bit differently now days, "Hey, look at that green screen shot!" and, "Look, she missed her cue!"

Personally, I still like to look at the bump shots of my husband as they cue out the news, and his inclusion in the promos. *grin*


Anonymous said...

haaay momma! loved reading your bloggy! keep posting! You CAN DO IT!!

Erika Jean said...

Good job. If I make a bundle, will you pay to send it hehehehe?