Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tombstone Caching

Look at this worthy geocacher, ready to walk miles and miles (and miles)...ok, so it's usually not more than ONE mile, lol. But UP hill, of course.

We found El Diablo's Treasure cache today. It's clearly the best staged one we've found so far. It was just outside of Tombstone, AZ, which is where the OK Corral was and where Wyatt Earp and associates had their famous shoot-out. So, you'd expect the unexpected, right? It was published to be a "Halloween" cache and definately was not meant to disturb or make fun of anyone's beliefs, etc.

A plastic skeleton, a HUGE rubber spider, and the area was surrounded with skulls on fence posts. I first thought it was a burial ground, and didn't want to enter!

One happy hubby displaying a necklace of bones!

On to the next cache. It was 8' off of the roadside. It's pretty creepy looking near someone's house, but the GPS is rarely wrong, and what are you gonna do? It was in the removable cap on the top of a fence post. You need to be clever when looking for these silly things. I happened to notice that the cap had a bolt in the end. Hmmm...not normal.

It was suspended on a wire hanging from the bolt in the cap. Ta-dah! We hit paydirt again!

A little bit of Tombstone for you, a hot afternoon in the Sonoran Desert.

Can you imagine walking down these streets with all those petticoats and high-buttoned shoes? Ick.

Wilcox tomorrow!


andsewitis Holly said...

Aw man! You guys have the best caches down there. I love that tombstone one. How fun to cache and be living in that area.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Aha! Another geocaching convert. I love it too, but haven't been doing a lot lately as it is rather hot here. I did grab a few in Paris last month though, which was fun.

P.J. said...

Oh man... that skeleton one is freakin' awesome! If I had a place to do one of those, I totally would. That is way cool. Kudos to the cache hider!

Gayle said...

I got a GPS unit for Christmas and can't wait till the weather is nice enough to get out there and try my hand at geocacheing! Looks so fun!
PS - My friend has a blog with a name similar to yours - do a google search for Cactus Needle Quilts blog. I guess great minds think alike!

Kristin L said...

I haven't done geocaching yet, but it sure looks like fun!

Jessica said...

How cool is your caches?!? I just happened upon your site when googling moms who like to do geocaching or something such as that and your site came here I am...

My husband, me, and our kids, all have just started geocaching and I wanted to see what some moms have found on their many adventures and your site is so neat!! We have found 4 caches so far this week and now after finding sites such as yours...I definitely need to take my camera along on our adventures...I love photography anyhow so this fits hand in hand ya know...

Anyhow, I am going to add your site to my list of sites to follow and come back and visit your site more often...please feel free to stop by and say hello at my site as well and click the link to follow my blog!