Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank you!

Sonja had a contest just before Christmas and I was the lucky winner. Pop over to see her, she has a sweet blog.


I may be the last to fall off the turnip truck, but I had not ever seen a Kinder Egg up close or personal, lol. These are darling trinkets.

The eggs are hollow and have a smaller plastic egg inside. The trinkets inside are precious and very detailed...not to mention CHOCOLATE. O, yummy.

I saved 2 for dd#2, since she told me about the contest. Had to share. 8^)

Thanks Sonja!


Erika Jean said...

yes, thanks Sonja and thanks mom for saving me 2! :-) they were SO yummy!

... and the prizes will be great for geocaching!

Sonja said...

Awwww, you are welcome!

So glad you got them... and you Erika ;)

Bead Cactus said...

Chocolate! LOL

Anonymous said...

Mother. You need to blog more. love you. lisaaaa