Sunday, April 02, 2006

Grown-Up Fun

DH's Birthday Wish: For both of us to go to Dave N Busters for playtime! We enjoyed awesome Ceasar's Salads and hit the midway for the carnival games. Best carnival I've been to without getting dirty! I'd never been there before and was pleasantly surprised. Skeeball is one of my favorite's, that machine kept spewing tickets, we just couldn't resist. We ended up seeking out a little girl who was playing games with her Daddy...and gave her our 89 tickets. Hope she had a great day too. (89 tickets will buy you 8 rubber erasers or 8 gummy, NO!)

1 comment:

your darling daughter said...

I won 150 on one game last time i went. 89? thats it! haha. I beat u in Literati.... and i rock at Dave and Busters.

haha just joking