Saturday, May 03, 2008

Congrats to my baby girl

The only female in her group who has successfully gotten her Jump Wings.

I am SO unbelievably proud of my girl. Blown-out knee in high school sports, plates, pins....running 8-minute miles in the Georgian heat....being put in your place by superiors....jumping off 250' buildings and out of planes....all things I would never have even attempted.

You go girl. You do ANYTHING your heart desires. Follow your dreams.

I'll be there to support you.

Yeah, I know what it all "means". It's heavy stuff. She is scheduled to deploy June '09. Yes ma'am, you'll have your quilt before you go. I promised, and my promises are good.


Tanya Brown said...

That is indeed heavy stuff. I wish both her and you the best.

Erika said...

She's so cool.

The Calico Quilter said...

Congratulations, and God bless and keep her. What a strong woman she is.

Beth said...

Congrats Mom of a Strong Woman! I am mom to one too! I did take umbrage at jumping a family of pilots, WHO would jump out of a PERFECTLY good airplane???? (my DD wanted to, just didnt' get the chance!)

Kristin L said...