Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cacti Crazy

Only logged 8.75 hours of overtime last week, THAT'S a good sign. Next week we're scheduled to work both Saturday and I am hoping last week's scheduled 13.5 turning into 8.75 was a good sign for the future. That makes sense, right? August 3 at 5pm is our drop-dead date/time so I may be insentia until then. I do get my reading in during the early hours howsomever.

I passed out yesterday afternoon after work, didn't even hear the phone when it rang at 6pm. That's tired.

Today I reintroduced myself to my lovely Janome. Oh Janome, my name is Fitzy, don't you remember me? After a briefing, we were in good stead.

I have family visiting August 3-6 and I am a nervous Nelly. I have an inferiority complex I guess, I never feel like I can measure up to their expectations.

So we needed new kitchen towels. We priced them at Bed, Bath & Beyond, the decorated ones were hugely expensive, but I WANTED decorated ones, what's a gal gonna do? Make what you want.

Ok, they aren't great, but they're kitchen towels for goodness sake. They depict what I love about Arizona. They'll get dirty and stained, and cost me $2 each. And I love them. That's all that matters!

The alarm rings at 4:00am, better start thinking now about what to pack for lunch, I'm not exactly at the top of my game at that hour.


Leah S said...

Oh, that is neat!! You're sure gonna inspire a bunch of ladies with that post. I'm already thinking "Christmas gifts...".

Best of all, any time a towel gets worn out, you can make a new one and not have to buy an entire NEW set because they only sold your previous set for 3.6 weeks. ;)

Erika said...

Cute! I like them!!!

Norma said...

They make much more sense to me than hand stitching day of the week flour sack towels. (going to do some though and the person who uses them is in BIG trouble)

Pretty cool to be so clever and I bet helped take your mind off work too!

So, is your kitchen done in cactus?

ruth said...

Love the cacti towels. My husband is a big fan of cacti - collects them so I can see gifts for him in the future. Thanks for the inspiration.

Bren said...

Your towels are wonderful. That is an awful lot of overtime...I remember you wanting a job though and we have to be careful what we ask for. tee hee. Don't feel less than anyone...with those wonderful towels in your kitchen your family will feel inferior!

Kim said...

Great towels! I like decorated towels too, but I have issues. I either buy them and don't get around to the decorating part or I over decorate them so they're really not useable! Yours are perfect! Hang in there with work--less than two weeks of OT left!

atet said...

Those towels are great. And more importantly -- YOU LOVE THEM. I think that says it all! Hang in there, it looks like there is an end in sight.

Tanya Brown said...

I, too, think the cactus towels are great. They're a nice bold motif.

Marsaili said...

Ahh, I think your towels are cute as heck! All that matters is how you feel about them, when it all comes down to it!

Nice job!