Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Flashback - The Haunted Castle

The city where I raised my three girls is a sleepy little bedroom community in Ohio. Smack dab in middle America. A dozen traffic lights, many churches, lovely park facilities, soccer fields, softball fields and one CASTLE.

This castle was built by hand, one “brick” at a time, beginning as Castle LaRoche in 1929 by Harry Andrews, a Knight of the Golden Trail. Harry died in 1981 but his legacy still lives on. One of Knight’s of the Golden Trail organization fundraisers used to be “The Haunted Castle” during the period around Halloween.

Halloween in Ohio is usually damp and drippy, on the verge of being downright cold. I do recollect one Halloween with a 7” snowfall and having to have soccer matches that morning. The refs had to slog their feet along the field markings to be able to make their calls.

Anyway, I digress. Lost in the abyss of my memories *sigh*

You would park at a nearby park and take a shuttle bus (aka commissioned school bus) down the very steep hillside to the castle which is nestled along the riverbank. This all contributed to the ferver of the hauntiness. They would let you into the castle just a few at a time and you would wind your way along the cold dank recesses being “boo’d” and “screamed” along the way…cold fingers raking your hair, chains clanking, scarey noises, the whole nine yards.

The girls became old pro’s after a few repeat seasons, it all became too familiar I guess. It was a “family event”, and we all would come away breathless and giggly. The girls still search out Haunted Houses tho, Cincinnati has their share of some “good” ones, yet I don’t think this certain fundraiser remains active. You can however, still arrange to be married there, schedule scouting overnights, etc., or just tour the castle.

Those were the days.


Ann said...

Aww, I love memories like this! How much fun is it to go back in time and remember things that brought fun into our lives. Our children grow up so fast that those memories become more precious with each passing year.

Erika said...

Actually Loveland has two castles.


Lovedddd the post!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Oh heavens, that's a roller rink that was trying to mooch off Castle LaRoche's popularity back in the day! Is it still open? Remember rolling into the bathroom? lol

Lucy Locket said...

Hiya - thanks for your kind comment re Peg! Not sure whether "Daisy" would authorise international travel for Peg....... she's quite attached to her at the moment - it's not often you get a "real princess" staying in your house! Lucy

Dana said...

That sounds fun, sort of. The castle is cool but haunted houses scare me :-)
BTW, I never thought of doing something with the top portion of the jumper. Now you've made me think!

atet said...

Oooh -- no castles here, but there are a few farms that do haunted corn mazes. I'm looking forward to dd being old enough to enjoy it!

PaMdora said...

Great Castle! and even better that it's haunted. Thanks for your comments on my blog too!
xoxoxo PaMdora

Lisa!! said...

maaam- can we have chicken and dumplings when we get there? and that rice and chicken thingy cassarole-ish thing another day? and how bout that sausage that comes in a oval and mac and cheese? pleeeeeeeeeeese? thanks! and-well. one last thing. can you make me a pb&j and cut it in four triangles with lays potatoe chips in the middle on a paper plate?

thanks maaamma lamma

your baby