Thursday, April 26, 2007

Do-Do-Do, lookin' out my back door!

Hope that doesn't get stuck in your head the way it has in mine, lol.

Eventually, my blog will have some quilty content, I promise. I have one commission to fill and haven't even started it yet. THEN, I need to do something for our new bedroom...right? It seems only fitting.

Meanwhile I've been knitting when my hands are empty. That is, when they're not unpacking boxes. I finished a pair of socks on Sunday, and promptly began the next pair, pictures tomorrow maybe. I'm still sock crazy, I don't know what it is about them! The needles are incredibly small, the yarn expensive and I can't wait to get to the next project. I seriously think I'm going to attempt a sweater next, I must be insane.

The solar cover is on the pool, we've gotten it up to 76*-woo-hoo...maybe this weekend???

OH! And thanks for listening btw, it's my 100th post.


Dorothy said...

I like lookin' out your backdoor. When we moved here, every time I looked out the back windows my head would start "Whose woods these are I think I know..."

Knit me some socks, I'll make you a scarf.

Swany said...

wow ok ... maybe i should come! that's pretty! if you pay for my plane ticket i'll pay for a rental!!! early xmas present?? huh huh!

on the other hand...yesterday i just got my first official freelance job! one day for fixing a press kit 150 dollars! weeee

yes, post more!

Rian said...

If you pay for my plane ticket, I'll come too.

I like seeing pictures of your new digs. It doesn't ALL have to be about quilting, yaknow.

Erika said...


Nancy said...

Heck I'll even pay for my own plane ticket to see lovely scenery like that up close. Just beautiful!