Sunday, October 08, 2006

First Meandering

Sorry for the over exposed picture, more will follow as I get this next project finished.
*edited to say...geez, can't even crop my pic properly these days!

This is my first attempt at meader machine quilting. I have been strictly a stitch-in-the-ditch kinda gal, or diagonal utility quilting. Those kinds are good for the anal. I know I need to GET OUT OF THE BOX, and this baby quilt was a good place to start. The colors are light/med sage greens, pale yellows, cheddars and bits of unbleached muslin and is made for my nephew's first son.

I've got alot of practicing to do, lol. I have problems keeping all the roundy parts roundy, and the stopping and starting are a bit rough. I kept repeating the "head and shoulders" mantra, but before I knew it I was off on all sorts of tangents.

I've got the first of my Charlie Brown socks (blogged below) more than 1/2 done, been working away at that two, alternating between knitting and sewing and catching up on TIVO'd programs, lol. It's amazing how far behind on my shows I can get with only 2 hours at home in the evening!

Hope your weekend was productive!


Anonymous said...


OMG HOW did u get those link on you page?!


Gail said...

Nice job. And you may not ever get me out of my box-I'm holding on for dear life, kicking and screaming.

Angie said...

Your meandering looks great to me!!! I'm still trying to get used to doing that...and my roundy things often turn out pointy things!! ROFL But we will both keep practicing, right? :D
Nothing ventured, nothing gained :)

Kay said...

Looks good to me. I'm not great either. I've actually found that small closely spaced freemotion is much easier than a big meander because you can cover an area before you have to reposition the quilt.