Saturday, August 12, 2006

Letters from my soldier soldier reported for duty in early July. I've had one phone call, I actually missed my first call, can you believe it?!

She is 19. Isn't she too young to learn to shoot a rifle (she calls a "weapon") and learn the ins and outs of a gas chamber? Didn't I just send her off to her first day of school, or take her to Driver's Education?

No, she is just the right age to learn about our country, learn what it takes to keep us safe...and keep us free...and just plain keep us. It was her choice to do this, and I am one of her strongest supporters. Her personal reasons for joining aren't nearly as important to me as her dedication and commitment to herself and her country.

Her letters home are my most precious possession right now. I linger just a moment at the mailbox each day, sorting and resorting thru the mail, hadn't I missed one? Is there anything stuck between the sale papers?

My second daughter has made me SO proud by taking the lead in making sure our soldier (her younger sister) has everything she needs and desires. Odd requests for toilet paper and "supplies" keep coming, and my daughter never fails to send her something bright, crazy and cheery...not to mention substituting eye cream with chocolate syrup since candy is forbidden, lol. The bond between my girls is cement, tho they'd be the first to argue "just because".

Thank you girls, you make your Momma very, very squishy inside!


Jules said...

I didn't realize you have a daughter in the Service. Tell her thank you from me.

Vicky aka stichr said...

LOL...I remember my son's days in boot camp! Unfortunately he got 'broken' while there and never made it farther than Fort Lewis here in WA state. But I do put my hand to heart for all the moms whose children are overseas. [ben ended up tearing a muscle, which didn't get treated right from the first, so now he is on disability.]