Sunday, January 01, 2006

Admission of a Traitor

My Maternal Grandmother was a wool rug hooker. I vaguely remember seeing her sitting in front of her rug frame. More vividly I remember the smell of what I can now identify as burlap. Her frame was often tucked away when the grandchildren were on the loose, I must have spied it's hiding place behind the salmon colored wool sofa.

I've been exploring various wool hooking sites (but can't find many blogs, I must be doing something wrong, lol) of late. This is a pattern of mine, research it to death to be sure I don't make a horrible blunder just as I get started. I have this insatiable drive to learn the craft, and YES, it was the same with quilting.

I would like to pursue this artform using recycled wool exclusively if possible. DH accompanied me to GoodWill yesterday and I made my first wool purchases. I brought it home and washed and dried (fulled) it then deconstructed the garments. The red was a ladies skirt, as was the navy. The gray was a men's suitcoat, reminding myself to not bother with that type of garment again, too little fabric yield. All the clothing was 50% off yesterday so I spent $10 for about a 2.5 yard yield. I'm terribly excited, but terribly afraid to cut it up! I don't have a fabric stripper yet, so I'll rely on my rotary cutter and quilting ruler.

Maybe one day I'll marry quilting and wool hooking using a quilting pattern for my rug? Like with quilting my brain is about to explode with ideas!

Settle ol' girl, SETTLE!


Darcie said...

Oooh!!! I am envious of your wool finds! It is insanely, fun isn' question!

And don't worry...the fear of making that first cut will soon disappear.

My favorite to find is skirts. I found a black/white herring-bone one that was a blend of silk and wool...ever heard of such a thing? But I guess...they are both protein it really does make a lots of sense.

Debra said...

Please.. if you find any rug-hooking blogs, will you let me know about them?

Debra said...

Please.. if you find any rug-hooking blogs, will you let me know about them?

You should be able to learn about hooking at Laci's in Berkeley... they do have a website.